Avanti 1201W-01 CF Refrigerator (Mid Capacity)

by Justin Thomas •

Power Consumption: 277 kWh per year
Annual Energy Cost: $23
Capacity: 11.2 cu ft
Dimensions: 23.5" W, 66.75" H, 25" D
Weight: 130 lb.
Power: 120 V AC
Best Price: $320 (ikitchenbath.com)
also a counter-high version available at Amazon for

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  1. Title: terrible quality!!!

    Two years ago, I bought four refrigerators by AVANTI and within a year, one was already not functioning anymore.

    Three months ago, a second one gave up.

    The first time, they changed the unit because it was under warranty.

    The second time they refused to change it because they said that it was not under warranty anymore.

    Now I know why the warranty is only 1 year…because there product is not reliable and I advise any reader to go with another brand if you don’t want to be in the same situation.

    Two fridges down out of 4…do the maths 😉

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