New “Eneloop” Rechargeable Batteries From Sanyo

by Justin Thomas •

eneloop Rechargeable BatteriesSanyo has developed a rechargeable battery that comes charged — so buyers don’t have to charge it before use. The new battery is a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cell of the type commonly found in many portable electronics products but with a key difference. Typically, NiMH batteries lose charge over time if they are not used. Sanyo said its new battery loses about 15 percent of its charge after a year of no use compared to competing batteries that lose almost all their charge over the same period.

The battery technology, which will be used in an AA-battery that will go on sale in Japan in the middle of November, is the first product to be born from Sanyo’s “Think Gaia” corporate restructuring plan. Under the leadership of Chairman Tomoyo Nonaka, Sanyo is attempting to refocus around environmentally-friendly products.

The batteries, carrying the “Eneloop” product name, will go on sale starting November 14. A pack of two AA batteries will cost $10. They will also be available in packs of four and eight, and also with a recharger. AAA-size batteries in the same range will go on sale in Japan on January 21, 2006, and cost $8 for a pack of two.

Being a rechargeable battery, eneloop has a proper structure for recycling organized by industry groups, unlike dry cell batteries. Once used, eneloop is collected, as rechargeable batteries have been, through prescribed recycle boxes installed at 30,000 electronics retailers throughout the country. Also, through an environment-friendly design, precious resources such as nickel etc. can be reused, thus contributing to efficient use and saving of resources. Sanyo has created a tube and external packaging that is free from polyvinyl chloride. The outside packaging made with careful regard to the environment uses recycled PET material and only this material, thus eliminating any hassles when separating garbage at the time of disposal.

See the press release here.

You can also get packs of Eneloop batteries from Amazon.

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  1. The Eneloop AA’s are 2000 mAh and the AAA’s are 800 mAh. So they don’t have the highest capacity, but should work very well for low-drain and intermittent applications like television remotes where normal NiMH batteries will self-discharge before these will.

  2. eneloop may be purchased at amazon.com, circuit city retail locations and on-line, fry’s and fry’s online as well as Ritz & Wolf Camera and their on-line sites.

  3. This comment for Renee about where to find Eneloop Sanyo batteries..you can try a local Fry’s electronics if you have one or Frys.com and Circuit City carries this as well. around $15.00 for 4 AA or AAA set

  4. You have an article about Eneloop batteries from Sanyo. I have seen the same batteries in Mother Earth News a few months ago.
    I would think that if they were advertized here in the USA then they would be sold here too.
    But all i have been reading is they are sold in Japan and in Europe and have been for sale for about a year now.
    What gives? Can I find these batteries in the US or not? I have emailed Sanyo about it months ago, but have not seen a word back from them.
    Perhaps you can help. Can I find these batteries here in the US? I live in Massachusetts if that helps.

    Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Renee

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