The Best iPhone Battery Pack

by Justin Thomas •

A Review Of The Best Rated iPhone Batteries

The Best iPhone Battery Pack

The iPhone can be power-thirsty. For many people a battery extender is an essential iPhone or iTouch accessory. Here are four of the best backup iPhone battery packs.

Note: iPhone battery performance times vary widely based on individual usage habits and applications. Wherever possible we have tried to give details of a backup battery’s capacity relative to an iPhone’s full charge.

InCase Power Slider iPhone Battery Pack & Case

InCase Power Slider iPhone Battery Pack & Case

The InCase Power Slider battery pack is also a protective case with several clever design features. The rubberized shell provides a comfortable grip and adds some impact protection, while still allowing users to synch their iPhone. The integrated battery is unique in that it doesn’t function as a “recharger” like some other designs, but instead provides direct power until it’s exhausted, at which point the iPhone’s own battery takes over. The downside? Several users report that the integrated case/battery design reduced their iPhone’s cellular signal strength.

The InCase Power Slider iPhone Battery Pack & Case retails for $20. You can find it at Amazon.

3G Juice iPhone Battery Pack

3G Juice iPhone Battery Pack

The 3G Juice promises a full recharge for your iPhone, from 10% to 100% in about 2.5 hours – essentially doubling the device’s life. Slightly bigger than a matchbook, it’s compact enough to keep in a pocket or glove compartment. And 3G Juice claims that their lithium polymer battery and 2A circuitry avoid the problems of memory effect and power fade over time, along with an on/off switch that makes this a solid choice for a backup battery. The battery pack can be recharged using the included mini-USB cable or your iPhone’s charger, and the 30-pin connector will also recharge compatible iPods.

The 3G Juice iPhone battery pack is available for $54.85 at Amazon.

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone Battery Pack

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone Battery Pack

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a streamlined version of Mophie’s full-size Juice Pack. The Juice Pack Air battery is integrated into a sturdy plastic protective case that completely encloses your iPhone. Its lithium polymer battery roughly doubles your talking/browsing time, and an on/off switch lets you select your power source without removing your iPhone from the case. It’s worth noting that, as with the InCase Power Slider, some users report reduced cellular signal strength while using the Juice Pack Air. And remember to bring the included cable with you, since the Juice Pack air uses a micro-USB connection instead of the more common mini-USB.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone battery pack is available in black and white. It costs $79.95 at Amazon.

Kensington Battery Pack and Charger For iPhone & iPod

Kensington iPhone Battery Pack and Charger

The Kensington battery pack doesn’t share the sleek all-in-one design of some competitors. But users report that it can fully recharge an exhausted iPhone battery in about an hour, which is impressive. The battery pack can then be recharged from your laptop, or by using the included AC adapter. And the Kensington is versatile: the dock connector works for iPods as well as the iPhone, and the included mini USB cable means you can share your backup power with your Blackberry-toting friends.

You can find the Kensington iPhone Battery Pack and Charger at Amazon for $35.67.

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  1. I personally use the Primo by Phonesuit (its a smaller backup battery, not meant to be on the iPhone at all times). It works great as a backup when I’m running low on iPhone power. The price is low at $35. This is one of the smallest backups I’ve seen.Here is the link: iPhone Battery Pack.

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