Recycled Rain Barrels

rainwater-harvesting.jpgAaron makes rain barrels out of recycled plastic, and runs an informative web site about rain water harvesting.

The 58 gallon rain barrels are made out of thick food-grade plastic, and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. The barrels connect directly to the downspout of your rain gutter.

They are also paintable (with Krylon Fusion) for those who want to match the harvesting tank to the color of their homes.

They are available for $125 which includes shipping.

Visit these site for more information:
http://www.ne-design.net and

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  1. Aaron, how long do these last? I am concerned about using a plastic product out in the sun. Won’t it develop leaks after a few years? Or, is there anything one can do to protect the barrel?

  2. Yes indeed Justin, both my rain barrel and rainwater harvesting system is 100% fully enclosed. The hoods on them can not be removed but you can unscrew a 2″ cap to flush the barrels out a couple times a season. Another thing which is good about food grade plastic is that it takes longer for water to stagnate. Ther plastic is also non-translucent so light does not promote algae growth. I think I have it all covered!

  3. Yes, you should not have a problem with mosquitos if the barrel is correctly sealed. You can also add a bit of cooking oil at the water surface to help repel mosquitos.

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