Octagonal Rain Barrels

Rain BarrelArid Solutions makes these unique and practical rain barrels. Their octagonal shape increases the durability of the barrel.

Each barrel has two overflow outlets, allowing you to connect multiple tanks together. The system show here is actually two 54 gallon barrels: one is stacked on top of the other for a total of 108 gallons.

The barrels are pet and child safe. The price for one barrel is $129 and an additional barrel is $120. Shipping is $10, which is quite good considering I’ve seen some shipping prices for rain barrels as much as $50.

Arid Solutions’ Rain Barrels

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  1. Another great rain barrell that holds 90 gallons of water made by the folks at Rain Ready can be found at the URL above for $160.00. I have two on my house and they work great. I love the flat back on them which makes it easy to store along side of a house.

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