Canon i560 Printer

by Justin Thomas •

We list this inexpensive printer because it is one of the most efficient
in terms of ink consumption and ink price. Also, Canon has committed to eliminating lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and mercury from its printers by December 2004.

Inkjet printers also use much
less energy than laser printers.

Notes from CNET: Canon’s
i560 desktop photo printer shows that quality and economy can go together.
Its excellent text quality reminds us of another inkjet we tested many
years ago, except that one guzzled ink like a Hummer SUV does gas. The
i560, on the other hand, demonstrates the sensible consumption style
of a Toyota Prius hybrid, and it’s speedy, too (though nowhere near Canon’s
claim of 22 pages per minute–as usual). Families, students, and photo
enthusiasts who’ve been hit with high ink costs in the past should take
a close look at this inexpensive, skinny-sipping printer.

Best Price: $99 (Canon)

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  1. This might be a strange query, however I’m a vegan, so am looking for printer toner that don’t contain any animal suffering. I gather that a lot of compatible toner cartridges contain either parts which are tested on rabbits, or are manufactured from animal products. Does anyone know of any toners that are completely man-made?

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