Efficient Power Adaptor: PowerSquid

by Justin Thomas •

squid2.jpgThis piece of electrical cordage is called a PowerSquid. It lets you connect multiple devices, even with big power converters, to a single outlet. It even has its own home page. They also have version that incorporate surge protection and other electrical interference. Available from Amazon for $11.99

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  1. According to PGE website. Vampire power drain can be as much as 10% of your power consumption. SO it makes sense to have a power saving device for your home theater and your desktop station. There are several “smart powerstrip” you can see online.
    Which one is the most efficient is hard to tell unless there is some testing done. I hope you test them side by side to tell which one saves the most.
    1. Embertec EmberCeptor AV Series Power Saver

    2. APC Power-Saving SurgeArrest P8GT

    3. Belkin Conserve Switch AV F7C01110Q

    4. BITS Smart Power Strip LCG5

    5. Watt Stopper Isole Plug Load Control Smart Power Strip IDP-3050

    This are some of the products with a power saving feature.

    1. Some additional smart power strip

      6. Monster GreenPowerâ„¢ HDP 1400G High
      Definition PowerCenter

      7. TrickleStar 12 Outlet Power Strip – 180SS-US-12CT

  2. How is this remotely efficient? Useful, yes. Ingenious, sure. Efficient? It looks like it uses way more material than a normal power strip.

    And it certainly shouldn’t be filed under “Power Saving Devices”.

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