Meta-Efficient: Buckwheat Pillows

Organic Buckwheat PillowsThe Chinese and Japanese discovered centuries ago that buckwheat hull pillows are light and fully adjustable. The Japanese in particular spent a great deal of time researching pillows, even trying porcelain pillows to achieve a healthy state of body called “Su-Kan-Soku-Netsu” or a balancing of cold and heat.

Buckwheat HullsEventually they decided that pillows made of buckwheat hulls provide just the right support for any sleeping position. When properly filled, the pillow molds itself around the head, neck, and shoulders.

The hulls make a soft rustling sound. Most people get used to this within a day or two. Due to the structure of the hulls, air circulates, thus keeping the head cool to reduce perspiration.

We recommend buckwheat pillows filled with unfumigated organic hulls and covered with cases manufactured without chemical solvents.

Available from: Northern Natural ($30-50), DreamSoft Bedwear ($42), VitaNet ($14)

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  1. Purchased my dual chamber pillows from pillowcompany.com
    They gave me free upgrade to queen since they didn’t have any standard size in stock… I’m really happy with my purchase because i get better sleep at night… If you order queen size you might have to take some Hulls out due to the height of pillow…

  2. Hi all,

    We are CV. Priskilla, the company of kapok pillow from Indonesia.
    We produce kapok pillow only with the finest kapok fibre from Java Indonesia.



  3. Hi, I purchased a buckwheat pillow from pillowcompany.com, excellent pillow, I am really happy becasue I’m sleeping much better now (no more neck pain in the morning!) and the buckwheat hulls are 100% certified organic. I didn’t have problems with rustling sound at all.

  4. I agree about the support that buckwheat pillows provide for your head and neck. I liken sleeping on a buckwheat pillow to sleeping in a meadow because of the rustling, the clean and natural feeling, and the scent of nature.

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