World’s First Solar-Powered Phone: Now Available


We’ve seen prototypes for solar-powered cell phones, but now a Chinese company claims to have developed the world’s first commercially available solar-powered cellphone. The company says a scale-like solar panel on the top side of the phone can also be recharged by light from artificial sources. It can provide 40 minutes of talk-time after sitting in the sun for an hour.


Hi-tech Wealth
is a a well-known telecommunication products supplier in China. The company says it has developed the most advanced solar power technology and owns eight patents and has applied for numerous others. Many companies around the world are working on similar mobile phones but their products are still at the experimental stage, Xinhua news agency quoted a company official as saying.


The S116, which retails in China for USD$510, features Hi-Tech Wealth’s information security technology. It supports a T-Flash card and features a 1.3 megapixel camera.
Hi-Tech Wealth has filed over 20 patents in China to protect the technology behind the S116 and has already secured pre-orders for 50,000 units.

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  1. is the solar powered cell phone better for the enviironment than the water powered cell phone?

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