World’s Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter:The self-proclaimed “World’s Best Cat Litter” may be able to live up to its name. Because it is made from whole kernel corn, the litter delivers great odor control. The microporous structure of corn provides a large surface area to trap and absorb ammonia and urine odors.

We like it because it is biodegradable, comes from a renewable source, and because it has added chemicals or perfumes to mask odor.

The 7 pound bag sells for about $9. Here is a list of retailers.

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  1. If you are using the multiple cat WBCL switch to Original, the multi cat version is really stinky.
    I don’t smell anything when using the Original. I haven’t notice any bug problems either thank goodness. The last bag I bought was in Nov. 2012. I’ve been using it for years and love it.
    I had a former feral cat who was peeing all over the house. We were using Feline Pine. Finally when I discovered WBCL we switched. It was like a freaking miracle, he stopped peeing on the floor and used the litter box. It smelled better than Feline Pine too.
    Cats have preferences just like people, my sister’s cat hated WBCL and is still using Feline Pine.

  2. This is probably the best litter we get on our Island (Cayman) until i got the ‘lucky’ bag full of red rust flour beetles.
    Recently our cat has been losing hair, could be related but no proof. Probably going to be changing brands, but stuck on a Saturday with no Cat litter and the shops are all closed on Sundays!

  3. We just had the exterminator out to the house today after finding an infestation of carpet beetles around the cat litter wbcl several weeks ago. I cleaned everything up throughly and figured it I had got them all. They started showing up all over the house. They have spread like wildfire. The exterminator says they are almost as hard to get rid of as bedbugs. We did not have the adult beetles but hundreds of the larvae. It will cost us 475$ for the exterminator. $150 to board the cats with shots. $100 for a hotel room that night. & who knows how much it all the wash I have had to do cleaning out closets. They feed off the pet dander hair , clothes ,carpets and are very commonly hiding in the bottoms of closets and on rugs. It will likely be a 1000 bill plus my 8 month old will never be able to crawl on the carpet because the insecticide lasts over 200 days. He will be walking before it wears off. We are now having to gut our closets which is taking days and days that I don’t have. Its not like our house is filthy either we have a cleaning lady come every 2 weeks. I was a big believer in this litter. That is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. I urge you to switch litters now before it costs you as much as it has us! You will regret it if u don’t

  4. i recently bought a 34 lb. bag of twbcl and i have these black little bugs all over my bathroom. it came in the bag obviously. do these bugs bite and can they spread all over the apartment? could they be biting my cat? how do i get rid of them other than throwing out the littler. i’m afraid it might be all over the place.

    1. I just spent an hour and 1/2 today cleaning up a weevil infestation from TWBCL. I usually buy the huge bag so that it will last a few months but I guess with the summer heat and cooking in the kitchen the temps in the house ran too high. I have not had this issue before, but it will be my first and my last. My cat has asthma so the pine litter is not an option. I tried it and he had several asthma attacks so it was thrown away as soon as I identified it as the culprit. For those with similar issues please look the litter up in regards to feline asthma and upper respiratory problems as it’s not recommended. I guess I’ll try the unscented A&H that’s being recommended. I had been using tidy cat for years and switched to TWBCL a little over a year ago hoping it would help my asthma cat. So glad I saw the weevil on the floor today or I may have not caught this before it became a huge outbreak. Bad part is the little guy tried to tell me by pooping beside his box this weekend, but I didn’t get it. Duh, he knew they were there and he didn’t want anything to do with them.

    2. @Barbara Yes weevils do bite. And yes they can spread through the apartment. Vacuum immediatly and throw the litter away. Thankfully they respond well to simple pet friendly pesticides, if there is such a thing. I used Virbac which is safe for carpets, bedding, etc. It’s tough enough for fleas so should be fine for weevils, and better than using raid or something like that. If you take away their food source weevils do die easily, but make sure you don’t have any food they could get into like bread, flour, corn meal, cereal, crackers, powdered milk, etc. Put everything in airtight containers.

  5. As environmental friendly consumers, we’ve been green for quite some time now. My wife purchased a bag of this stuff and about a week after use, our kitchen was infested with tiny black/brown flying bugs. It took us two days to figure where they were coming from – the litter box! Its been several weeks now and after using fly paper, these pesky bugs are still around. The multiply faster than we can kill them. This product is absolutely horrible. I’ve told everyone I knew about it, from keepers at the zoo to professional attorneys and CPAs. Don’t use this stuff unless you like bugs flying in your face while you eat, brush your teeth, watch tv, etc. Living green has nothing to do with harboring bugs!

  6. I opened a new bag of litter this weekend and the bugs in it are out of control. Normally we see a few and they bite. But this bag is the worst. I now have about 24 bugs bites on me. Did the processing change at the plant?

  7. Yeah, so much for the World’s Best Cat Litter….go flipping great the cat refuses to go in it. It’s fantastic on odor because the cat is pooping and peeing everywhere but in the litter box!

  8. Go to the feed store and buy a 50 pound bag of cracked corn for 6$ bucks! It works great! that is what I use and I have over 25 rescue cats! it saves money and it works, also if your cat will not use it simply slowly add it to your cat litter a bit more each time until it is just the corn works great for finicky cats!

  9. I have been looking for a biodgradable, flushable cat litter, but having learned about toxoplasmosis I now think its a bad idea. I am more concerned with health and environment, including indigenous life and do not really like anything that contains chemicals, perfumes, and is not environmentally friendly. I would like a system that takes the removed waste,reduces it to liquid or dehydrates it, and sterilizes it so that it can be disposed anywhere with no risk to health or environment.

  10. Have had 8 month old cat for 3 months and kept using the Aristocat Pine that she had always had. Early this week, when I opened new bag , I thought there was a rancid oder (like rancid peanuts, etc) . Then this morning I discovered she had been going (#2) under the pool table. My daughter gave me new bag that she had in her car, and when we opened it, it smelled ok. Hoping this will resolve the problem. There definitely was a difference. Is this unusual?

  11. We have been using WBCL for about a year now. My cats are indoor/outdoor so whenever possible they go to the bathroom outside and we hardly ever have to buy new litter. We keep the litter box and the litter in our bathroom and starting about 6 months ago we began to find these tiny round beetles. We live in Hawaii and there are lots of bugs, it’s just a part of life here, so we put up with them. Well, one day we woke up and these bugs were EVERYWHERE! My husband found the source of the infestation– WBCT! There were hundreds of these little beetles in the cat litter and flying around the house, landing on us (they seem especially attracted to warm things), and BITING us. It was a nightmare. This was the only cat litter I was willing to use since it was the only one I could find on this island that is biodegradable and flushable– so I am finished with cat litter! There’s no greener cat litter than the dirt outside.

  12. I have not used WBCL before and was looking around to see what people say about it when I found this blog. Just as info, I have been using Feline Pine, which is alright. It is great about absorbing smell and I was impressed with the company’s attempts to provide their customers with other environmentally important information regarding pet care like the problems that have been reported with flushing cat feces off the California coast. I am not a big fan of the original brand however, which is the pellets, because it allows the moisture from the cat’s urine to stay around in the litter box. I prefer clumping litter for both my sake in cleaning the box, and my cat’s because she has to paw through that stuff. I tried their clumping litter, which I like for it’s use in allowing me to remove the urine clumps from the box when I scoop, but it does get everywhere since it is really just pine dust. My biggest concern with it however is how safe it is for my cat. I came across this site which had some information about pine litter that worried me. If anyone has more information on the health properties of pine litter, I would love to know. I hope this information is of some help to those of you on this blog who are looking for more information about other litters as well.

  13. I have not tried twbcl but I’m very skeptic of the earth friendly cat litters.First I used the wheat litter, which was fine for a week or so until I started finding big fat worms outside of the litter box.After this I moved on to feline pine which wasn’t too bad except for the fact both litters were very very light and carried all over the place.The litter even got on my furniture, my clothing and my friends clothing.Once again some small “pincher” looking insect would be found in the pine litter.I have moved on to arm and hammer which doesn’t carry all over the place and I have yet to see an insect anywhere near the litter box.

  14. We use one of those litter-robots and WBCL has worked fine with it but we have also experienced the bugs and they are very apparent especially when opening the litter tray to dump the litter …the little bugs fly out all over. We have not noticed any bugs in the new packaging. I wonder if they are seasonal or came from a bad batch? We had never had that experience with WBCL until this past summer and have used the product for a few years now. It is great that we can flush it down the toilet but our hairless cats do track it everywhere. It is so so with odor control, was thinking about adding some arm hammer to it. Has anyone tried the litter-robot brand of premium clumping cat litter? anyone have any other suggestions of litter that works great with the litter-robot?

  15. A number of people have commented on the problem of the WBCL having bugs in it. Thankfully, we’ve never experienced that, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t. However, if we did, I would march that stuff right back to the store and demand a refund and I would do that every time it happened. I like this stuff well enough to want to keep using it, but I think if there is a bug problem it needs to be solved by either the retailer or the manufacturer, or both. Consistently demanding a refund or replacement with a bug-free bag would encourage this.

    I noticed that this product has a new package, and I’m wondering if they’ve taken steps to solve the bug problem. Seems to me it should leave their facility bug free. As to what happens to it after it leaves their custody, perhaps they and the major retailers can work out a solution. As I said in my previous comment, I think it controls odors quite well as long as it is kept fresh and replenished at reasonable intervals. However, everybody’s mileage may vary, and other folks may have better luck with a different brand or type of litter.

  16. P.S. I think I’m going to try the “Aristocat scoopable Pine Litter’ that Chris mentioned before me. Anyone else have comment to that product? Thanks.

  17. WBCL was recommended to us by the foster of the two kittens we adopted; she said it was awesome because it is completely & truly ‘flushable’. That is true, but, that’s the only reason we like it. We are gradually switching our cats to clay, and I have preferred A&H brand before, so that’s probably what will eventually fill their boxes. My reasons – 1. This ‘corn’ product, in my opinion, DOES NOT control odor; it seems to retain it all instead and make the whole house stink after they’ve used a fresh box only a few times. We scoop religiously too, usually as soon as we know they’ve been in it. 2. Tonight, I found one of my cats frantically scratching in the box; a bit unusual for him… to my disgust, I discovered that the poor lil guy was trying to cover up hundreds of newly hatched Weevils, aka CORNMEAL BUGS! – which I read here that others have mentioned. (I came across this thread while searching to see if this was a common problem).

  18. We use Feline Pine (scoopable) or Aristocat scoopable Pine Litter. Both are made of sawdust with minimal added chemicals. Aristocat is more expensive but lasts longer before the whole box needs to be changed out.

    With Aristocat, scooping twice a day (we have 3 cats), we find that the entire boxes can last 5 to 6 weeks. Eventually the number of tiny bits that fall through the scoop build up. Then we dump all of it out and replace the the entire boxful of litter.

    With Feline Pine, the urine smell is obvious after only 3 to 4 weeks, even though we scrupulously clean the boxes before going to work and in the evening.

    They have relatively little dust, no bugs ever (the very reason for pine sap’s smell is to repel bugs) and no harsh perfumes or chemicals.

    Using these sawdust-based products seems to be more ecological to us than corn (which takes lots of fertilizer, diesel fuel and water to grow) or clay products (which have dust that is harmful to small lungs).

  19. I had been a faithful user of TWBCL for 2 years, but after noticing more and more flour bugs in the bags, I will now be switching to another brand.

    I suppose one could freeze the litter (and dry cat food, as those manufacturers also have problems with flour bugs) but that would go against the principal of expecting companies to work proactively to prevent flour bug infestations in their products.

  20. I have started using WBCL and really like it. I don’t think there is any “perfect” litter out there, just some that are better than others or are better suited to particular conditions or preferences. For me WBCL has been the best I’ve tried. I like the smell ok, which reminds me a lot of a bale of fresh straw. As the litter stays in the pan for many, many days with no fresh litter added (30+ days), the smell can get a little less fresh and pleasing, but still it seems to do a better job of controlling cat waste odor than anything else I’ve found. In particular, we *never* have cat pee smell from the box. Sometimes there is a poop smell, but *only* if I haven’t kept up with scooping and haven’t added enough fresh litter so that is really not the fault of the litter. I personally can’t stand the perfumey smell of most scented litters, but scent preference varies a lot so I could see how someone might not like the WBCL smell.

    The stuff is quite light weight, which makes it far easier to scoop through the box, and best of all it doesn’t stick the to pan. I absolutely hate having to deal with sticky residue at the bottom of the pan, so I love to death that this doesn’t do that. I scoop twice a day and it takes me less than 60 seconds to do it if I keep up with it. So much less of a chore than with clay litter. It is not as dust free as billed, although when fresh the dust is very low. The dust increases as the litter ages after many days of use and the individual granules begin to break down. Our cats have tracked every litter we’ve ever tried, so I don’t find this too objectionable, and yes there have been a few powdery pawprints left on things, but not too often. Because this litter is expensive I try to stretch its use to a month or more before completely emptying the box and changing it out for fresh. I believe there would be lest dust if I changed it more often, but this is a trade-off that works for us. My parents used pellet-style wheat and pine litters for their kittens, and I didn’t like it at all. Seemed like it took a lot more effort, and the pellets disintegrated into a yucky soggy much. The extra-strength WBCL, which is what we use, stays clumped together very firmly, with a lot less small, soiled particles getting loose in the pan than with other litters.

    Regarding composting human and animal waste, there is no reason you can’t do it safely and successfully, however it is best to do some research, learn how to do it right and take appropriate precautions. The Humanure Book is a good place to start. If you decide to compost the litter box waste when using a compostable litter like WBCL, create a dedicated composter that is separate from your main kitchen-garbage composter. Locate it away from stream run-off, in an out of the way place, and plan on letting the composted litter age for a couple of years before using it in landscaping, not food crops. With these precautions, I don’t think you’d be at any more risk than you are already experiencing just by having a litter box in your home and maintaining it. I am also concerned about the reports of toxoplasmosis getting into the streams and affecting sea otters, but if you can prevent such runoff, there is no more risk than with putting it into a landfill. We haven’t yet tried composting it, but I intend to, mainly because it would reduce our garbage so much.

  21. The best one is Doro Lockers and it is biodegradable as well as recycled. And does lock the odor. What more can you ask for??

  22. We LOVE TWBCL. Have had no problems at all. We use it in combination with the Dispos-a-box corrugated recyclable box liner and a couple sprinkles of baking soda every few days. Using this combination we have not had to change the entire box for 3 weeks now and have NO cat smell! When you average out the cost of this litter and the pans it’s about the same or less than the other stuff because you constantly have to dump the whole thing and replace with new. We scoop 2x a day and replenish the corn when needed. We have very little dust and we nor our cat is choked to death by the clay dust anymore! Try it out!

  23. I have tried most litters and have used wbcl I must say I prefer the original as the extra seemed to track…but I think it is great, easy to use… not heavy to move..clumps[although certain cats it does not!!! anyone else noticed this?]well,not anywhere near as smelly as other litters…cheaper would be great..but you do get what you pay for.

  24. While my wife was pregnant I was left to care for our cats, and I am NOT as they say a “cat person” the ONLY litter I could find, that I could stand to be in and around was Feline Pine (a sawdust pellet litter.)

    The only time it smelled was if you were right in the vicinity while the cat was using the box, but within moments it simply smelled like pine dust, as if someone had been cutting wood in the basement. The solids are dried by the dust and the liquid waste breaks the pellets down. Simply remove the dust and solids, leaving the remaining pellets and add a few more as they run low.

    I am assuming the dust would just come from lumber mills and would be wasted anyways. The tomato plants really love it too!

  25. I was so excited when I first started hearing about litters like this. We live with a septic tank, and pay $1 a bag to take our garbage to the dump. We compost and recycle, but still…

    So, the thought that I could put litter and cat waste right into the toilet was exciting. This litter was exciting to my cat, to0… she ate it. Thankfully, I had cleaned the litter box before Madame chowed down.

    Our cat was a stray and has “food issues”. When she came to us, she was starting down a bony road. Every litter I’ve tried made out of what could be in cat kibble (corn, wheat), she’s eaten.

    We’re now using a clumping pine litter that can go into the septic tank. Still not perfect, as our cats track it everywhere. We also end up with little litter/urine (hopefully not feces!) balls in the box after scooping.

    ProductNonUser: It’s never a good idea to put human (omnivorous) or cat (carnivorous) waste in your compost.

  26. Can anyone tell me where the little bugs come from in the litter and what they are? We sift the litter daily and completely clean at least once a week but they never go away?

  27. I’ve been using “The World’s Best Cat Litter” for many years, and have loved it. It is absorbent, clumps well, is flushable and almost dustless, and doesn’t have any chemical odor.

    This morning, disaster! I opened a new bag of “The World’s Best Cat Litter” and a moth flew out! There were more in the bag, plus some tiny critters (whatever moths were before they got wings?). I took the bag back to my pet store, and they replaced it. But I’m reluctant to use the replacement; a friend told me that this happened because the litter is corn-based. Maybe I’ll switch back to clay-based litter.

  28. I have had the little black bugs in my cat’s corn litter too. I think they’re the same ones that infest flour. I think all the corn litter already has the eggs in it, once exposed to air they hatch. I have started freezing the clean litter before I put it in the litter box, about a week before I’ll need it. Anyone else have any ideas? I buy a lot for a better deal, so I think it’s the remaining litter sitting around in an opened bag (twisted shut) that caused the hatchings. Has anyone seen the bugs in an unopened bag?

    1. I have used World’s Best for 3 years with no problem. I clean the litter boxes every day. Once I open a bag I keep it sealed in a container, so I have never seen bugs. It clumps better than the clay litter I had been using before. I notice no corn order. My cat has no problem with it. I switched because I have lung problems and thought the clay dust wasn’t helping. I think a lot of the problems were with people buying chick feed (very cheap) and then having problems.


  29. I have had a new kitten for a little over 1 week and decided to go with TWBCL since I have heard so many rave reviews about it. I have to say, our kitten tracks it everywhere, and the dust from it ends up on his paws and then on our couch. It seems to clump well, but his litter box always ends up with little pieces of poop about the size of the corn kernels that I can’t clean up in our scooper, and it means that even though I clean his litter box after EVERY potty, it is really never totally clean. Has anyone else had any of these experiences?

  30. I have used this litter before with no problems, but the bag, that I just bought has some kind of little tiny bugs in it I do not know what they are, but I threw it out, cause I don’t want my cats or house exposed to these bugs. Anyone else had this problem.

  31. I have used this litter before with no problems, but the bag, that I just bought has some kind of little tiny bugs in it I do not know what they are, but I threw it out, cause I don’t want my cats or house exposed to these bugs.

    1. I have used this litter for over a year but the last few months have noticed tiny black bugs as well…..
      Seeing your post made me realize it was the litter and not from our shoes etc.!
      Will stop using it and throw out the bag

  32. I use this, and it is the best litter I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many (including s’wheat scoop, which is almost as good but a bit sticky). I do, though, have reservations about the eco impact of corn production, about using what could be feeding the hungry, etc.

    To the person concerned about kitty ingesting clay. Do you have any reason to think this is harmful? My understanding (as a potter) is that silica is not harmful to eat (some cultures actually use it medicinally), though it IS bad to breath.

  33. I have used mny different brands and styles, but the best, BY FAR is the arm & Hammer unscented. It has the best scent and dust control.

  34. Iam a maker of it and i dont have a cat or pets but i promice you that we test every pallet three time. if you guys and girls have problems there is a 1800 number on the bag just call them and they will refund your money. who else dose that. Also there is a code on the bag on the back in a white box if it is a year old return it it shouls say c0625101 or cs0625101 the c or cs is if it is extra strenght or original the 06 is the year the 251 is the day of the year that it was made and the 01 is the 1 truck of the day or if it is an 02 it means the second truck of the day but we usually only get three trucks a day out

  35. I just recently got two rabbits and im looking for a safe clumping litter to use in their litter box. Im trying the worlds best but im a little concerned about them eating it. Now will it become impacted if they do ingest it? if anyone has any other advice id love to hear it

    1. Wow seriously you should not use cat litter for your bunnies!!!!! I would reccomend bedding of any kind like carefresh pet bedding.My cousin rescues bunnies and has told me to tell you that you should not use litter for bunny waste.They honestly eat where they poop and litter is not digeastable for rabbitts. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  36. I use swheat scoop, which has some of the same pluses, non odor, flushable, but is a BYPRODUCT of wheat, not the wheat itself, and would otherwise be thrown away. I agree that it seems pretty strange to use something EDIBLE to dispose of cat’s waste – plus, as Michael Pollen discusses in The Omnivore’s Dilemma, the subsidization of corn has incredible detrimental effects on our society and the environment. I’d recommend looking at http://www.swheatscoop.com for an alternative.

  37. Baking soda can burn/irritate your skin, can’t it also be harmful to cats’ delicate pads? My cat has long hair and is always cleaning himself, won’t ingesting the baking soda be harmful for him?

  38. I cannot stand the scent of this litter any longer. I’ve used it for 6 months and while it clumps wonderfully, the smell is forcing me to look at alternatives. I wish the makers could make the corn smell go away.

    1. I agree with you Lori. I have been using this litter for about 3 weeks and the odor is aweful. I have nine cats, I clean the boxed out every day…. just reciently one of my cats decided she didn’t like the litter … and started peeing in the bathroom. Not good. Back to my favorite…Scoopaway. Even with the dust it is much better for all my fur kids.

      1. I loved how long this litter lasted, and it clumped great. but the smell also put me off. I used it for about 3 months and after I was done with the bag I went back to the old. I have three cats and one of them also stopped using the cat box while using WBCL.

  39. WBCL really is the best. Clay is bad for your cat – kitty walks on litter, gets clay dust on feet and fur- and then ingests it. WBCL is the EASIEST to clean, it is more lightweight than clay, it produces much less dust than any clay litter, and much less than most other types (wheat, cedar, etc). It controls odor well without that disgusting perfume smell of clay litters, and you can flush it.
    I can’t imagine this any litter moulding if the box is cleaned frequently enough, I have not had a problem in the most humid of weeks (though I live in NY, not sure about other humidity levels).
    And regarding cats acclimating to ANY new litter, half a day and a cold-turkey change won’t work. The package of ANY litter will advise that changing litters over should be a gradual process, sometimes taking a week or more.
    I work in a private sheleter, and we have used ALL types of litter. This is by far the best available litter. Healthy for the cats, and easy to clean up for the owner.

  40. I ran out and got some of this the other day for my cat. Glad I could return it. She stopped using the litter box. I gave it a day and a half with no luck… back to Arm & Hammer.

  41. The corn-based cat litter people emphasize that their litter is free of “dust” and is flushable.

    But, as commenters have pointed out, corn does require at lot of water to grow and usually involves pesticides.

    So do you have a metaefficient alternative? We’ve heard about sand and baking soda so far…

  42. I love this blog, but this entry bugs me.

    One thing that bothers me about this is the incredible amounts of nonrenewable petroleum energy, water, and land inputs that go into overproducing corn. That, and you can feed corn to hungry people, instead of giving your animal a place to excrete.

    Microbes from kitty litter, such as the one that causes toxoplasmosis, have also been implicated in the drastic increase in the disease rate of sea otters off the California coast.

  43. Can someone comment on the possibility that the new “green” litters (corn, sawdust pellets, etc.) are more suitable for disposal by composting? How significant an advantage might this be?

  44. Can someone comment on the possibility that the innovative “green” litters (corn, sawdust pellets, etc.) are more suitable for disposal by composting? How significant an advantage might this be?

  45. I’ve found that ime-tested soluations are often the most metaefficient. The sand and baking soda solutions sounds like a good one.

    TWBCL emphasizes the “dust free” qualitites of the product – “it contains no clays, silica, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents”.

    The corn in the TWBCL product is probably not organic, so it might not be a efficient as sand and baking soda litter.

  46. My understanding is that before commercial cat litter was available, people made their own by mixing sand and baking soda.

    I own two cats and have tried most of the commercially available litter, not only the chemically dubious space-age clumping varieties but also those based on green-ish alternatives like recycled pine and cedar sawdust.

    In my experience the one litter that is by far the most effective at odor control, and also seems to have a texture the cats like most, is Arm & Hammer Unscented, whose ingredients are, basically, sand and baking soda. It’s comparatively cheap too, in 35 lb boxes at Target. Perhaps sometimes not innovating at all is meta-efficient.

    Is this whole kernel corn non-GMO? Were petroleum-based fertilizers used to grow it?

  47. One problem I have had with this litter is that if you live in an area with high humidity and you leave the litter in the box for too long it begins to grow mould.

    1. We live in florida,humidity abunndant!!! Let me ask you this,why would you ever,no matter where you live,allow your cat litter to grow mold???????!!!!!!!!Change it every 3 days if your to lazy to scoop it!!!!

    2. We live in Florida,humidity abundant!!Why would you ever let your cat litter sit so long that it has time to grow mold.Sorry to tell you this but,even in high humidity,changing your cats litter every 3 days will do the trick.And thats if your to lazy to scoop the poop!!!!!!!

      1. Oh b.t.w. if you put some arm and hammer baking soda on the bottom of the litter pan and then on top of the litter it will cut down on kittys smell big time!!!!!!

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