SafeCoat: Non-Toxic Paint

amf_girl.jpgWhy does almost all of the paint sold in the U.S. contain toxic ingredients? Because chemicals (such as formaldehyde and acetone) are cheap. The resources needed to study the long-term effects of the thousands of chemicals contained in paints, stains, and varnishes would be immense. The . Other non-toxic ingredient could be used — but they are slightly more expensive.

Yet, there are efficient paints available that perform equally well. AFM SafeCoat makes a range of paints which contain no toxic ingredients — no ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone, heavy metals or other VOCs.

Here is a list of AFM Safecoat retailers. Here is a list of FAQ on AFM paints. (Unfortunately the AFM website does not work well with Mozilla browsers).

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  1. Can I mask out VOCs on a recently painted wall, by painting over it with a non-VOC paint? Will the new coat shield against the VOCs ‘gassing’ through?
    Or do I need to strip the VOC paints before painting over?

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