Innocuous and Efficient: Stapleless Staplers

Stapleless Staplers are a more efficient way to bind paper. The models available today are designed for small binding tasks (5-7 pages max).

The stapler seen above is available for about $21 from Amazon. Other models are be seen here.

Stitchlook Stapleless Stapler

This model is popular in Japan. It is available from the Japanese importer JBox for $13.50.

Stapleless Stapler

They also have a sculpturesque model available for $34.50.

Stapleless Stapler

Older models of stapleless staplers or “paper fasteners”, like the one above, could bind many more pages but no longer seem to be available. Let us know if you have seen these for sale.

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  1. I have a paper fastener very similar the bottom picture.
    I bought it with other stuff at a rummage sale
    The only mark is on one side says, Japan patented.
    It works, I put a small piece of tape over the folded tabs

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