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  1. So I’ve bought several from and have used the first ones I got from them for 18 months now (bought some more recently for other beds in the house). They’re super to sleep in, show no signs of wear — highly recommended. (ps they ship pretty quickly over to the US via parcelforce — I’ve had no hassles there.)

  2. i bought a set of 100% bamboo sheets and they are the softest sheets i have ever slept on…bar none! I got them from bed bath and beyond but they stopped selling them. Tragic

  3. Yes TP, you are right, we wrote this article before the manufacturing processes was outlined, and we do not recommend bamboo products for this reason.

  4. Though bamboo is a renewable and pesticide-free raw material, I asked some friends in the apparel biz and discovered that the cotton-like textile requires serious chemicals to create.

    I suppose if they last a long time, the impact is not as great …

    Anyone else have any info to back up or contradict this?

  5. Bamboo sheets:
    I’ve found at Bed Bath & Beyond and also Linen’s n Things

    but does anyone know where to go to find Bamboo Duvets ?

    btw- I am looking for one in the size – twin

  6. I’m wondering how bamboo fiber stacks up against modal, the beech tree fiber. I have modal sheets and they are faaaabulously soft but arent very resilient.

  7. Their website ain’t very efficient. Tried searching for “duvet” and “bed”. Nothing.

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