UK Plans 25 Gigawatts Of Offshore Wind


The UK plans to build offshore wind farms that generate a total of 25 gigawatts. This is in addition to an existing 8 gigawatts of planned construction. This vast increase in wind power, in addition to the wave and tidal projects being tested in the Orkney islands, could power all of the UK’s homes by 2020.

The scheme could see turbines so large that they would reach 850ft into the sky. Each would be capable of powering up to 8,000 homes.

Britain’s current range of coal, gas, nuclear and other power stations are capable of generating 75 gigawatts (GW) of electricity, but less than 0.5GW comes from wind.

Business Secretary John Hutton will announce at an energy conference in Berlin tomorrow that he wants to see this target raised to 33GW-worth of wind turbines installed in the seas around Britain by 2020. If energy consumption remains stable this would mean wind power could supply the electricity needs of every home in Britain.

There would still be a need to keep fossil-fuelled power stations in reserve because windless days could leave Britain with power shortages.

Via: Peak Energy and Times Online

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  1. Wind power is a great idea, using giant Propeller Towers to get electricity from wind is probably not so good an idea. Try a simple example for yourself, stick a pointed finger out a car window at 60 miles per hour then stick out a cupped hand. That should provide you with conclusive proof that the means of harnessing wind can be improved upon. These giant Propeller Towers are by no means new or perfectable technology. The optimal design for wind force capture and conversion would be a multi-finned vertical axis that revolves with the flow of the wind and stabilizes itself gyroscopicly, kind of like a large revolving flower with the dyno/generator in the center hub . I think they already have it in the works to be introduced as the “newest, latest” Wind energy turbine as soon as the speculative investments are locked in for as much as possible on the old ‘Propeller Tower’ designed models, then they’ll outdate and supercede them with NEW multi-finned Vertical Axis high efficiency low cost models from here in the good old U.S.A., just like cars, computers, phones, televisions, and aircraft. But then what happens to the speculative investors who get stuck with their Propeller Towers for the next 20 or 30 years? Well they’ll be lucky if their manufacturers stay in business so they can get replacment parts to keep them running and hope to break even some day in a far off future. Just try to find real and accurate, all inclusive prices for these big dinosaur windmills, including R & D costs, manufacturing costs, Installation and access costs, land, conventional power plant back-up costs, financing interest, down-time, insurance, maintenence, repair and parts beyond warrantees which are usually staged periods per component, so, what do they cost? Even with Government co-funding, subsidies, and GREEN credits, the consumer/taxpayer still is inevietably added onto to pay all those ‘Incentives’ later on. What does it take to figure out Propeller Tower Wind farms are a big Ponzi Scheme that will “…up and Blow Away” when real turbines and Wind dynamics become known and funded as tommorrow’s new ‘Alternative’ wind energy ICON. If they work so well why do they have to be funded so much? Why keep paying so much to try to make it work when varying the design configuration to a true turbine is what’s really potential?

  2. I wonder what America’s total offshore wind power potential is. I understand that Britain has pretty windy shores.

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