Mobile.Seed: Biodegradeable Mobile Phone

by Justin Thomas •

anita_plantando.jpgInteresting concept. It’s called the Mobile.Seed. The idea is to have a fully biodegradable mobile phone that contains a visible seed inside. When you done with the phone, you put it in the ground, and flowers grow from the seed within. The phone’s brand could be tailored around the seed and plant that grows.

Belmer Negrillo, the designer says:

The Mobile.Seed is not just the creation of another alternative product, buta possible new way to think about the consumerĀ¹s relationship with products. A concept in which people themselves perform the act of recycling, making this otherwise hidden process delightful, present, and perhaps even turn it into a valued cultural and social phenomenon. It also suggests how designers could use their influence on our appetite for technology to stimulate behaviors that could steer development towards a common well-being culture.

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