“Full Circle” EcoResins

full_circle_header.jpgSome interesting elements of nature are incorporated into this new line of “ecoresins” from 3Form.

Called Full Circle, the designers utilize renewable materials collected from artisans in diverse communities such as Inodnesia and Africa.

I’d be great if they could make Ecoresins more eco-effective — its currenly a polyester resin which incoporates a 40% post-industrial recycled content. Perhaps 100% recycled content could be used, or even a biodegradable resin?

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  1. I actually asked a 3Form rep about why the translucent eco-resin products can’t be 100%. Apparently recycled content has a slight color to them (which is why you’ll notice that eco-resin casts a slightly greyish tint rathr than being perfectly clear). I assume it’s a matter of technology and time to figure out how to keep that translucency there.

    That said, they did launch 100% which is made from 100% recycled plastics (milk bottles, laundry bottles and the like). They color sort them to create their four color lines. The green and orange mixes are the prettiest in person. The snowmelt and midnight have a duller finish than I’d like.

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