EPatch: Glue-less Stickers

EPatchEPatch is an innovative sticker that doesn’t use glue or water. The stickers are non-toxic, very durable, and are able to be bent, stretched or folded without losing their shape.

Made of rubber-silicon, the stickers are fade resistant, resistant to UV radiation and to temperature extremes up to 220 degrees – which means it is useful for industrial purposes. Epatch is already being used for parking permits. The Australian inventor, James Shen, is hoping to expand into the pharmaceutical and hospitality market.

Epatch“We’re hoping to do away with those little triangular cardboard signs in hotel bathrooms that ask you to save water,” says James. “They get so wet they need to be replaced regularly. Printing a water saving message onto the Epatch, it can then be used and reused as it sticks to any surface, doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind and can be peeled on and off easily.”

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