A List Of Exercise & Yoga Equipment Made With Cork

When used as a material to build exercise or yoga gear, cork has a many advantages over plastic:

  • Cork can withstand 14,000 pounds of pressure per square inch without breaking
  • Cork is very durable
  • Cork has a non-slip surface — even when wet or coated with oil or grease (more than leather, rubber)
  • Cork is one of the lightest solid substances — 50% air by weight

Here are some cork exercise products that currently available:

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  1. Hello everyone! I have been doing yoga for over 8 years. And I have 2 rugs from this list. First and third. They are both awesome and very comfortable, but more and more I started to hear good reviews about the last rug on the list. For yoga, the most important thing is as for me the material from which to make this rug, I heard that in the latter everything is done just super perfect. I also recommend everyone to start practicing if you have not tried it yet. This is awesome! And if someone has the last rug, write how do you like it? Thank you!

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