LED Light Bulb Replacements

by Justin Thomas •

97314a.jpgLEDs are close to becoming metaefficient alternatives to regular light bulbs, but they are not quite there. Right now the brightest LED bulb is equivalent to a 25W incandescent bulb.

The bulb seen here has 36 LEDs and runs on 1W. That means it could run 10 hours a day for a whole year for less than two dollars. It will also last for at least 10 years. The drawback is the price: $18.95 each. The expense can be justified if they are used outdoors, in boats, or in off-grid homes.

Available from: Super Bright LEDS

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  1. Unquestionably the best I’ve ever seen are the Earth LED ones…a U.S. company, super well researched, I hope this company does well, ’cause this is what I’ve been looking for a genuine 100W bulb replacement! Hooray! They ain’t cheap, though…I have, um, 5 of them, and they make a lovely color light.
    Check it out!

    No, I am not a shill for this company! lol

  2. I’ve found that the new high powered LED light bulbs are pretty good, especially in spot light form. The color temps are a lot warmer now which makes for a nice halogen replacement since the LEDs run much cooler.

  3. Dear all,

    Since a month I use 4 ledlights of 2 models in my livingroom and hall, every day.
    Since it is summer, the spotlight is on about half an hour a day, the replacement ball about 1.5 hour a day.
    These are the 2 models i daily use:

    model spotlight:
    PAR20, E27, 60 LEDs warm white LED light bulb 230VAC
    color of light: Warm white 2700k~3500k. 3.6 Watts. A bit yellow in practice.
    Don’t buy only this color, here and there some is nice.
    Two of them replaced 2 pieces of 25 Watts “ordinary spotlights”.
    They produce no less light, probably a bit more.

    model replacement ball:
    E27, 4W, 80 LEDs warm white floodlight bulbs, 230VAC
    color of light: 2700 and 4300k. 4 Watts. 4300 is about TL white. My favourite color.
    This one, a ball replacement, produces no more than 25 Watts ordinary bulb.

    (model replacement ball: out of sale? and replaced by:
    E26/E27, 3W, 60 LEDs Cool white 60mm ball, AC85~265V, in possession, on spare)
    color of light: Cool White, 5000K~6500k. 3 Watts. Clear, cool white. Not blue. Nice colour too.
    I would buy this color again, no doubt.
    This one, a ball replacement, produces no more than 25 Watts ordinary bulb.

    All bought at; ledlightbulb.net One copy did not work. I sent it back and got a good replacement.

    I would buy at the ledlightbulb.net store again, no doubt.
    No I just have to wait if they all make it to 30.000 hours of use …


  4. Dear Sir
    we are a LED light bulb and LED spotlight manufactory in China, we promoted a new model MR11 to the market , if you have any interesting, feel free to contact me.
    thank you

  5. Robert, I understand your voltage issue and I’ve purchased that bulb and others from them and had similar issues with voltage fluctuations and LED clusters going out. I’m in Vancouver and can tell you that there are better LED options out there that are made to handle these issues, I’d recommend a company here in Vancouver, but I’m not here to advertise. Good Luck!!

  6. I’ve tried quite a few LED bulbs and have been on the most part disappointed. Recently came across an LED bulb that has an all around 360 degree light output. The design was quite neat and I bought a sample. First off the color was the best I’ve seen and the light output was impressive being that the LED’s were not directional. you can find them on cyberguys.com (150 LEDs per bulb) Just ordered 20 for the cottage.
    Anyone just read about California thinking about banning the ancient Incandescent?….Any comments? It’s about Time!

  7. In responce to the very first posting. I think that I have seen a small adapter that you can screw into a regular lamp fixture that will regulate the voltage and prevent voltage spikes. You can then in turn screw in a bulb to this. As to the posting before mine. Yes http://www.shop.donsgreenstore.com has just about the best prices I have seen on LED light bulbs. And their site at http://www.donsgreenstore.com is a fairly honest representation of these new dim bulbs that we will definatly be see a whole lot more of.

  8. I have a number of LED flashlights and I really like them. The bulbs are usually good for 100,000 hours and the batteries will last much longer.

  9. LED Light Bulbs

    The comments say you can get somthing like this at Ikea. I’ll have to go take a look next time I’m there.

    LEDs are close to becoming metaefficient alternatives to regular light bulbs, but they are not quite there. Right now the brightest LED b…

  10. I have a few of the regular energy saving lightbulbs – IKEA had them on sale while I was there once. 11w that run as 60w.

    I will definitly invest into these LED ones once they match that. 25w isn’t really good enough, especially in a room that doesn’t get much light.

  11. Michelle, what would you like cleared up? This article was about LED lights being used to replace incandescent bulbs…

  12. Yeah – they’re great -unless you have a power line that’s just slightly “out of spec”. I had one of these and it burned out being on for only about 1 hr a day, in about 3 months! Our line voltage varies from 120 to 130 where we are (washington state, east of seattle ) and there are sometimes small voltage spikes. Therefore, I see it as a massive failed, expensive experiment. While I’d love to replace lots of bulbs with these, especially the ones in my carport that are 20 ft in the air, right now they last less time than a matchstick! They really have to get the reliability up on these….

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