EcoLEDs: Mercury-Free LED Bulbs

by Justin Thomas •


A start-up company is offering mercury-free, energy efficient, high-brightness LED lights to replace typical light bulbs in homes and offices. The EcoLED lights use 1/10th the electricity of incandescent light bulbs, and are estimated to last 50,000 hours before burning out (approximately a decade of normal use). Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, these bulbs contain no mercury. Note that these bulbs produce a directional light, so they may not work in every place in your home.

The 10-watt EcoLED white light bulb replaces a 100-watt incandescent bulb and contains a single, extremely bright 10-watt LED. The company estimates the light bulb will save you nearly $450 in electricity over its life while reducing CO2 emissions by over 9,000 pounds compared to regular light bulbs.

These new LED lights are pricey, running from $39 for the 3 watt halogen MR16 replacement lamp, to $99 for the 10 watt (100 watt equivalent) top of the line bulb. They are available from Better Life Goods.

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  1. Comparing LEDs to CFL from a toxicologic point of view will prvove them both wasteful and releasing toxic stuff into tapwater and landfill. The no 1 priority for any business as well as for lighting technology is to create clean ways of making stuff, with zero toxic waste and zero toxic things in their products. As long as the manufacturing isn’t zero-waste, zero-toxicity one business can’t call them GREEN.
    As a green stuff blogger (see my blog if interested in green design and more) I will not feature products that aren’t 100% green without pointing out a few things that can make them greener. They should listen because bloggers voice is people’s voice.
    So don’t just accept a tad of green in a company’s product and embrace it as a green company. Demand more and express your needs. They will listen. It depends of how many of us take the plunge.


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  3. They look great, now there are t8, t5 and more and more led replacements for common lights… its time to clean our environment using leds…

    the problem now is the price, they are very expensive, but if we start to buy a lot of them, as all is going the be cheaper, so we need to start buying them, in http://www.mexled.com i found some stuff, but well hope soon to see more led products coming!

  4. LED manufacturing requires large amounts of
    water and power and toxic materials. Do
    you know that the element that makes LEDs
    work is Arsenic? Do you know that they
    have to mine the aluminum and gallium that
    are the other important elements.

    It is an absolute joke that they position
    LEDs as the clean alternatives to CFLs.

  5. They list the 10w LED as producing “more light than a 100-watt incandescent light bulb”. However the lumen rating on it is only 400. Which seems extremely low for a 100w comparison. I mean, can’t you can get 400 lumens out of a 7w CFL light?

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