Solar-Powered LED Road Signs


The Canadian company Carmanah has introduced some new solar-powered LED road signs. The lights are completely self-contained and require no external wiring. The signs can often pay for themselves in a couple of years, due to the amount of energy they save.


The lights are said to charge in nearly all weather conditions, and are engineered for up to five years of maintenance-free operation.


Via The Sietch Blog

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  1. I am a local councillor in England. I am very interested in your solar powered traffic signals. Have you considered a solar pedestrian crossing light ? It would not require a permanent green light, just flash amber and then red when someone needs to cross and flash green for perhaps 10 seconds when the traffic can move on again. A sensor across the road would ensure both lights are co-ordinated. I hope this is of interest and look forward to your comments.
    Thank you

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