LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

led lampIn recent years, significant advances have been made in the manufacturing of LED bulbs. Once used only as power indicators on appliances, LEDs can now be used to light a room or in powerful flashlights. Some of the advantages of LEDs are:

  • LEDs use about 1/50 of the power of standard incandescent
    bulbs, and half the power of compact fluorescents
  • Long-lasting — LED bulbs last 10 times as long
    as compact fluorescents, and 133 times longer than typical incandescents
  • Durable — since LEDs do not have a filament, they
    are not damaged under circumstances when a regular incandescent bulb would
    be broken
  • LEDs lights can be waterproofed and not susceptible
    to cold
  • Cool — these bulbs do not cause heat build-up — LEDs
    produce 3.4 btus/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs
  • Because they are solid, LED bulbs hold up well to jarring
    and bumping
  • No annoying flicker

Also, because these bulbs last for years, energy is saved
in maintenance and replacement costs. Many cities in the US are replacing their
incandescent traffic lights with LED arrays because the electricity costs can
be reduced by 80% or more.

led bulb

Some of the disadvantages to LED bulbs are:

  • Cost— although
    the cost keeps going down, LED’s are still expensive. A single AC bulb (17
    LED), replacing a 25 watt incandescent, will cost about $40.
  • Light Field— LED’s are focused lights, and therefore
    are best as task specific lighting such as reading lights, desk lamps, night
    lights, spotlights, security lights, signage lighting, etc. They do not radiate
    light in 360 degrees as an incandescent does. The light will be bright where
    you point it towards.
  • Light Color— for residential use, the white LED
    is cooler than the warm yellow light we’re more used to. Most home LED use
    is for task lighting rather than general room lighting.

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  1. LED’s suck we hate them! OMG! we have an assignment on them! they are sooooooooooooo….. whats the word?…….. oh yeah! CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! far out brussel sprout! 🙁

  2. I’m a mountainbiker and I came across these guys: Night Lightning; though their website is a bit shoddy at time of posting, I’ve been using their LED night lights for most of this year now at night. They’re simply incredible, since they use 3x3W LEDs (not the 1W ones). You’ll see a photo on the site of the power of these things, and with lithium-ion you get 25 HOURS of travel time. Friggin marvellous! And ver y safe; cars quite respect that intense light. Turns Wimbledon Common into a night stadium.

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