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  1. Hi,

    Glad to write to you.

    We are a specialized manufacturer and exporter for LED lights with CE & ROHS approvals in China.We have just upgraded the LED grow lights,the new peoducts have superior quality and competitive price.

    Currently,we have 90W,120W,300W,600W and 1200W grow lights for customers’ selection.

    Pls kindly tell me the grow lights models and specification requests you are interested,and what about your order quantity?Then I can offer more technical information and preferential price to you.

    Looking forward to your early reply.Thank you.

  2. This thread started in 2005. Alot has changed since then. I work for LumiGrow Inc, a US manufacturer of LED grow lights for commercial greenhouses and academic research. Clearly, I have lots to say about the technology. How about metaefficient do a new article? (I would be more than happy to help…)
    There is enough info out there that one can concentrate on real world results and not have the “my quad band LED is better than your googlaphonic band LED .
    This is an active area of research, no one needs to take it on faith, simply look for independent verification of results.

  3. I am a strong lover of LED light bulbs and replacement lamps, but they are sadly just not advanced enough yet for normal use. I use them in my living room as accent lights, but that is about all they are good for yet. For normal lighting I am using the CFLs and seeing large energy savings. Cant wait to see the LEDs become mainstream.

  4. UV is required by some customer, but it is still very small part customer asked for.. Now there are many wavelength used like 5 band, even more also.

  5. @ken surgent,
    You were pimping your bi spectrums ealier saying they are better than led now you say leds are better what is it? I guess you’ll say anything to make a buck huh!

    1. My LED are better comment was @ tiocarlo. Sinse there has been some issues with the closed fixture ballast over heating, I recommended LED which would not have this issue. Now I have an open fixture model with an external ballast which will not have that issue and a lower cost. All my lamps are good but the most energy efficient are the EFDL Induction lamps reguardless of colour.

  6. Got no pix. Got no proof. Been using a SS 90w GrowUFO made by the ‘Gang of Four’ for 7 grows with GREAT success. I’m willing to bet my good name on the wonder disk that landed in my Area 52. I’m in no way, shape or form connected to any LED seller, maker, etc. Good luck, peace & happy growing under (what ~I~ call my) DARK STAR. Plants look other-worldly under them & your retinas will send you ‘thank you’ notes…


    1. you said on june 12 your bispectrums were better! I geuss you’ll say anything to make a buck!! By the way if orange spec is useless then why do HPS work so good the majority of it’s wavelength is…you guessed it orange!!

  7. Faulty design, false claims and refusal to honor warranty –

    I bought a 400 watt bi-spectrum super grow light from M-land Global about 5 months ago. They claim to offer a 5 year warranty. This light operated less than 5 weeks before burning itself out. After finally receiving replacement parts and a partial refund on shipping (their warranty claims to cover shipping cost, but it was only with repeated complaints that I received a partial reimbursement) I assembled the light and it worked – for about 2 hours.

    The light overheats and shuts off until it cools and is unplugged and plugged back in. The manufacturer claims an operating temperature of 144F. I see many people on the web who are saying that they were led to believe that the operating temperature is less than 100F. The actual temperatures are over 300F about 1 inch from the inside of the glass cover. The outside temperatures are closed to 200F than 100F. I will provide infrared images to show actual temperatures to anyone interested.

    The manufacturer has decided that instead of honoring their warranty they will allow me to buy another uncooled lamp at cost. I have a useless, expensive grow light that even if it functioned would fall far below the claims of the manufacturer who takes no responsibility.

  8. WOW, MetaEfficient is going DOWNHILL with all the comment spammers. It’s pretty obvious most of these posts are not legitimate, and just link spam. :-/

  9. The reason most LED lamps do not produce well in flower is because they are to high in the red, they contain orange and sometimes white spectrum diodes which are useless, and not enough blue. Blue light penitrates deeper into the canopy, and helps increase trichome production as well as greater flower density. Ratio’s like 7:1:1 are wrong. There are only 4 peak spectrums in photosynthesis and these need to be balanced in the same way as our sun. I will not tell what my ratio is for competition reasons. My lights are custom made and I have 3W Bridgelux diode models for greater penitration.

    1. The reason LEDs are worthless for light-loving plants is because LEDs produce virtually NO light. Get a quantum meter and MEASURE IT FOR YOURSELF. Then post your results for everyone to see.

  10. I am getting mixed reviews all round. Even this page has links (that often don’t work) from as far back as 2008, yet no actual good results and tests have been provided. In fact any good testing from university research or good growers that document their stuff is providing negative results. Also nobody has mentioned anything about the UV requirements, plants need this and LED’s don’t provide it so I expect the thinking is flawed and it’s all a bunch of companies selling $20 worth of led’s in a box for $300.

    1. you are using wrong nano meters.

      There is tons of proof on the internet that leds light’s work for both vegative and bloom stage.

  11. The Induction lamps will out perform the LED grow lights easily. I sell both LED and Induction lamps at the lowest prices anywhere. I recommend the Bi-spectrum to replace HID grow lamps.

  12. Hi,

    So I bought a sunshine system about a month ago, and half the lights turned off… I tried contacting them, but they never called me back… now I got a $500 system with half of it off and don’t know what to do… Everyone said to buy a sunshine system, but I’m really disappointed in their quality and service. Could someone let me know how I’m supposed to get this thing fixed? Thanks

  13. Hello TruthHunter,
    It is very difficult to compare two completely different light sources. If you look for detailed comparisons with statistically significant samples comparing HPS to fluorescent for instance, you will find that there is very little data available and this technology has been around over 20 years. It isn’t unique to LED grow lights.
    Our website provides comparisons via spectral content, cost, electrical use, lifetime, and coverage area- (Maybe we weren’t flagged, phew.) We are here to answer questions via our toll free number 1-866-414-7244 7 days a week and have over 6 years of experience directly working with Universities, researchers, commercial and hobby growers using LEDs successfully.
    You are right about using the HPS to supplement heat if there is no sunlight available. It does increase the growth rates. You can run the LEDs for the full photoperiod and turn the HPS on periodically to heat up the plant canopy.

  14. Other than a story of successfull commercial lettuce operation in Japan using
    Red Leds, I don’t see much evidence that this technology has arrived. Without detailed comparisons with statistically significant samples, I would
    hesitate to invest. I just can’t find it on the internet.

    I am looking for something to speed up Tissue Culture development, but
    will probably wait until the tech is more mature. I can’t afford to invest
    my money in my own comparisons at this point. That none of the producers of led grow lights publish comparisons, is a big red flag for me.

    If you need additional heat to maintain optimum growth temperatures, leds
    would be best supplemented by other lights. If you have to air-condition, like
    here in South Florida, Leds alone look more attractive.

  15. I purchased a grow panel pro and haven’t seen much movement. I was under the impression the LED was sufficent in growing tomatos,etc… I’ve waited…and it’s taking forever..I’ve done this before and am not seeing the results. Short,condensed plants were to be expected.the time that was taken to achieve that stage for maturation and size…not expected. Unsure. Peace

  16. LED Plant Lighting is here. Methodology is what is behind. HPS took 20+ years to develop. Read about over watering, and changing light sources. Under an HPS it is nearly impossible to over water, because of the intense heat. Over watering was a major issue when people started using T5s, so people put the light closer to give more heat directly to the plants and growth under T5s improved, especially when larger fixtures hit the market. Over watering even once under LEDs can ruin any plant…. Research Please….
    Methods must change….LEDer

  17. I have a friend which owns a hydrponic store here in Cali. He at 1st thought LED was the way to go for our hot summers. He conducted a test involving 9 quad band UFOs. He says the same thing I hear from people who have actually used them. Great for seeds, cuttings, babies. Beginning of veg is good than everything goes to sh*t. Oh’ya, the 9 UFOs were over a 4×4 table. They dont have the juice & lack the warmth a plant likes. He told me his mini T5 bar outdoes a 90 watt UFO. Thats 1, 1ft t5 bulb. He did all his homework, growing is what he does for a living. He stressed to me not to waste my money. He said maybe if they come out with high output 10 watt diodes than maybe it will be effective. He said they are great for plants that require a low level of light. I tried to purchase one off of him he already sold a few w/ warnings & the rest are on his friends patio as party lights. I wish they worked, are there any companys offering a 90 day money back no questions asked gurantee. These people aren’t teling you all of these things come from China. They may switch out a couple diodes but the thing was made in China. I wish someone could prove me wrong & show results of a grow from plants with a high demand.

  18. I’m very disappointed that my comments and those of others have been removed without explanation. A free exchange of ideas in a civil manner is crucial to the advance of technology.

  19. Where’s the grows from tri-band? If your going to say its better…show the better grows. There is a tri-band company that has their led grows from a competitors site……if theyre so great…why do they need another companies grow pictures?
    Ive seen first hand the dual spectrum and they are awesome.

    1. This isnt true. The Tri Band is a hoax. The triband companies are removing essential reds for less essential orange. Show me pics of results….then Ill believe.

  20. Hello my company has a surplus of 20cm x 40cm RGB led panels, the ones that are used for stadium big screens. Each panel has 384 high intensity leds. The brightness and color ratio can be controlled to get the perfect color mix via computer serial port that all computers carry. I tried using them on my tomato plants and worked wonders. Being surplus im selling each panel + software + cables + serial converter at just $149.00 + shipping. Works with power supply’s ranging from 5vdc to 24vdc (not included) for more information please email me.
    Pictures in link

  21. We use LED panels in our office for peyote cactus, p.viridis, salvia etc and they seem to be fine. We have also had a LED panel turned on 24/7 for over 6 months and it is still not hot and all the LEDs work.

  22. For a blog discussion re: Sunshine Systems using fake names to post, go to or Google search “Sunshine Systems LED”.

  23. Check out the Illuminator Series of LED Grow Lights. They use Tri-Band Spectrum technology to offer the most effective LED Grow Light on the market.

  24. led grow light is suitable for the plant -breeding house,garden, farm,green house , horticultural park etc, which need the sufficient light, it is also suitable for the flower exhibition because it can stop the growth of the plant , in this way , can widen the application of this item.

  25. led Grow light

    Unique heat dissipation, light decay very small

    1w as the light source

    Wide voltage design.

    Wavelength can be easily changed and composed.

    Light weight small volume, long life, broken,resistence, no waste. Can provide the light energy.

    For the plant , the light effiency is very high, 30 times than MH,HPS, can provide the different kinds of wavelength required by the plants , this realize the high effiency , enviroment -friendly production for agriculture, can save 3-5 times power consumption.

  26. Have you even looked at ????
    If you dont……….hard to say what kind of light you may get.
    we honor nature……we are here to make a difference
    we re-cycle…………..we are here to make a difference
    we are here to make a difference………organic
    did you know that solar power will run our lights?
    imagine your own garden….year round…..and it costs you…..hmmm…..nothing.
    make a difference………………………..:)

  27. I’ve been developing this light for years, and it has a very balanced light ratio based on the amount of light plants in general absorb, as well as these wavelengths balanced to chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and other necessary phytochemicals. A test is being shown on the site(test in progress), but you can try one for yourself and see!

    One note: High power LEDs are much less efficient (in terms of mcd/W) than smaller LEDs. Many people don’t trust 5mm LEDs, but they have a much greater output for their energy, you just can’t use LED arrays as you would a regular grow lamp. Placement is key!

  28. I loved them so much……I started my own company. Sunshine -Systems led grow lights are on my site.

    if your environmentally aware……
    and love nature……
    ‘Where a friendship between Nature and technology begins” 🙂

  29. LED grow lights are slowly becoming one the most popular lights found in modern hydroponic gardens, and with good reason. They offer a ton of advantages over traditional lights that make scores of growers instant converts.

  30. LED Grow light help your plant growing!
    Led grow light can accelerate the photosynthesis, produced with infrared ray and suitable wavelength of led.
    The LED grow light makes use of the pure LED light and suitable for the plant growing, which will make flowers blooms longer and the vegetables grow quicker.
    The kind light can save 50%-90% energy comparing with the Incan and fluorescent lamp.

    UFO 90w is just $225/pc from here!

    1. hi..I’m thinking of using this ufo90 system..can you give me any feed back.Most of my experienced grow friends are sceptical but have no experience of LED.If you have any feedback would be more than grateful..Thanks..steve

  31. LED Grow Lights with the highest intensity LED’s available on the market. Unlike traditional grow lights where only a quarter of the lumens are in a spectrum the plants can absorb, our LED Grow Lights run 100% within targeted spectrums to increase growth/yield. This means our grow lights use less energy, have less heat production and target plants specific light needs. We build our grow lights using environmentally friendly materials and production, and our grow lights are backed by a one year repair/replacement warranty. Check out our Grow Lights at Go Green Grow Lights!

  32. The leader in led growlight technology is They offer the growufo…..a 90 watt that has different spectrum ratio than the led ufo. My wife and I own the growufo and it is truly amazing. We grow peppers…herbs….flowers tomatoes……and our neighbors are ENVIOUS!!! We cant say enough. I f you want the best led grow light…..Sunshine-Systems!!!!

  33. these guys over the exact same as fuzz lights cheap aswell and the over price on postage before u purchase so u can see the total price b4 u commit

    1. Actually on they don’t say what light they use. But you can check out I know for a fact that they work, a friend has, one, can’t tell you what he grows with it but it really works! lol! Also really easy to use, he has the one they call the Plug n’ grow.

    1. I tried calling these guys twice and was hung up on both times. The web site has a phone number only and does not indicate which state they do business in. One their home page I read, “All sales final”, and “3 year guarentee”, yet there IS absolutely no other. IMHO, this does not appear to be a legitimate business. Good luck to you if you’re brave enough to do business with them.

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