LED Floodlights

416f05909cbfb.jpg Enlux, a company in Arizona, has created floodlights built from LEDs. They did this by removing the diodes from their individual plastic housings and clustering them on a heat-dissipating circuit board, known as a light engine. They also created finned aluminum housing that spreads the heat across its surface. The 22-watt floodlight ($80) gives off about as much brightness as a 45- to 65-watt incandescent bulb.

The real energy efficient comes in with the colored floodlights, which are ten times as efficient as their incadescent counterparts.

These lights also have all the usual benefits of LEDs: long life (35 years), durability and low operating temperature.

See also this this led floodlight.

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  1. Things that should have been created sooner!

    LED floodlights that lasts longer, and not end up as hot as normal bulbs. It costs alot, but since the life of these lights is 35 years, well, I do think it will pay itself off. And a stapleless stapler,…

  2. Not only is this not the first, but it’s not the most flexible, nor do they have the widest variety. Also, this same product was covered on slashdot on November 21.

    LEDtronics has had LED bulbs and retrofits for just about every kind of application, voltage, and base around. They’ve got floods, conventional bulbs, automotive and truck retrofits, signage, in just about every color and brightness imaginable. They’ve even got an incandescent cross reference guide, which lets you use the Incandescent Bulb Number, type, base, or voltage to search for LED replacements. And, they’ve got a much wider selection of LED floods.

    And, replacements for just about every kind of household bulb out there.

    Yes, they’re more expensive, and the nature of LED light means it needs to have some fancy design and optics to make it sensible for conventional lighting use, but it uses much less power than even compact fluorescent, and is potentially even more durable and reliable.

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