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  2. UPDATE – there is now 6 out of 10 that are not working on 120 acv. I can still convert them to 12 dcv to make them work. The other four did not burn out because I have not screwed them in the socket, yet.

  3. I made my own LED chandler w/ LED bulbs off ebay $10 apiece. I needed five 35 led 120 degree bulbs. At 2-3 watts apiece I have a 10-15 watt set-up that equals a 100 watts I was using before. The key is in the 120 degrees for room lighting, the spot light 5-25 degrees are ok, more for highlighting than room lighting. Bulbs come from Hong Kong I bought ten one of which never worked. Buyer beware.

  4. If you are looking for retrofits you can also by 12V LED units that fit into a standard MR-16 Halogen socket. They are still pretty expensive though. All of this stuff is just barely out of first generation, it is still very pricey, but the price will drop as quantities rise.

  5. Yes, retrofits are good too. Compact fluorescents are still your best bet if you are running 120V. You can find CF bulbs that will fit almost any lamp or fixture now. LED bulbs that would replace a 40W incandescent, are expensive (they cost about $60) but make sense if you are off-grid.

  6. Very cool, but also very expensive, how about a source for retrofit? I’d love to have many of these but at 400$ for a table lamp, it’s a bit rich for my blood, or most peoples I would imagine.

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