Breakthough: $25 LED Light Bulbs Available Soon

LED Light Bulb: The Zetalux 2 by EarthLED

LED Light Bulb: The Zetalux 2 by EarthLED

I’ve been testing the new Zeta-Lux 2 LED light bulb from EarthLED. This bulb looks similar to the first Zeta-Lux –but this bulb retails for $25 instead of $40. This means you can get a 40-watt equivalent LED bulb that consumes just 6 watts. The color temperature of the Zeta-Lux 2 is a pleasing 2800K. These bulbs are very durable and contains no mercury — they are RoHS compliant, UL Listed and FCC Approved.

At this price point, LED bulbs are a compelling alternative to compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescents. If you’re unconvinced about the advantages of LED lights. see our latest in-depth look at Efficient LED Light Bulbs For The Home.

The Zeta-Lux 2 bulb will be available for $15.99 on Earth Day form EarthLED.

EarthLED also plans to release a 7-watt Pro version of the bulb, which will be a 60-watt incandescent equivalent. The company is also introducing a dimmable LED flood the LumiSelect R20, and an outdoor water-resistant bulb.

LED Light Bulb: The Zetalux 2 by EarthLED

LED Light Bulb: The Zetalux 2 by EarthLED

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  1. The key is the light output. What kind of light does the LED produce – spend $10 or $100 – if the kelvin temperature is not right you will not be happy with it in household applications. I just got back from a lighting trade show and hunted down the best lamp for household use. I found the Lemnis Pharox 300 is the best LED in the market. Here is a link if anyone is interested http://www.SOSLightBulbs.com

    After seeing good light and bad (honestly a lot of Chinese product) – I really think most will be happy that they checked into color temperature before buying a bulb.

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