Multi-Fuel Lantern: Britelyt

Multiple Fuel Lantern: Britelyt

This Britelyt lantern is a versatile lantern, which is able to burn no less than seven types of fuel, including biodiesel. The approved fuel types are: kerosene, biodiesel, diesel, gasoline, mineral spirits, charcoal lighter fluid and lamp oils. It’s made by Petromax who’ve been building these lantern since the 1920s. The lantern can also be fitted with a stove adapter.

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  1. I recently bought a 500CP model, it works great.

    Tho I want to try to steel instead of the clay burner… Too bad its quite difficult to find a store where to get the parts of these lamps.

    So far the only online store I found who has a set of parts is Conrad Electronics. But they don’t have the pump O-ring replacement I would like to try too 🙂

    Any suggestions ?

  2. ‘As for burning “biofuel” in one, why would you when they burn best with K-1 water clear kerosene.’

    Various reasons, including allergies and caring for the environment!

  3. “They are a good company, stop splitting hairs.”
    Good company eh? It’s a miracle that no one has been seriously injured with their BOGUS claim about these being safe for gasoline with their JUNK foot valves. They have a whole lot of nerve putting the American flag on these pieces of Chinese made garbage. Just because the company got the rights to use the name Petromax they have stifled any other source for these design lanterns or parts in the USA such as Geniol out of business. As for their “patented modifications”, no big deal. Just window dressing. As for burning “biofuel” in one, why would you when they burn best with K-1 water clear kerosene. As for the alcohol conversion, that’s a waste of time and money. You have to burn MORE alcohol to get the same amount of light than you do with kerosene. Buy one if you want to, but IMO, save your money and buy a VINTAGE or military surplus Petromax on EBay Germany.

  4. Britelyte no longer recommends gasoline type fuels. Too bad they are no longer made in Germany as the Chinese have yet to figure out “quality control”. The internet if rife with problems regarding these lanterns. Try Coleman Kerosine.

  5. The name of the company is Britelyt-Petromax. They are the fifth generation of the original Petromax pressure lantern, and have secured 4 U.S. patents that improve the safety, functioning, and brightness of the lantern. They also have a methanol/ethanol/alcohol lantern and stove. They charge no labor when fixing/upgrading your lantern, just parts and shipping. They are a good company, stop splitting hairs.

  6. Petromax does not make Britelyt as there was no company by the name of Petromax. Graetz KG in Germany made many products, including the Petromax lanterns. The relation between Graetz KG and Petromax is the same as between Ford and Mustang. As famous as the Mustang is, no one says Mustang makes it.

    A small Florida outfit sells the Hong Kong made Britelyt and has only been around since 1997, not the 1920’s. There is no relation to the Petromax lanterns other than the Britelyt is a direct rip-off.

    A little verification of the story before blindly printing anything that comes along will go a long way to improve the credibility of MetaEfficient reviews

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