Efficient Booklight: LightWedge LED

Night Vision LightWedgeThe LightWedge is another LED book light. We like the night vision-friendly red LED illumination version. The light has two illumination modes, and can be changed at a touch. If it were not made of acrylic, it would be that much more meta-efficient. Takes four AAA batteries.

Thanks to Thomas for the tip.

Available from: Amazon

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  1. Thisthing looks cool but cant adjust at all. It will recline and then I will adjust it and it doesm’t stay.

  2. If you aren’t very hard on things it could probably serve a long and useful life. It would need a Crizal coating like my eyeglasses to last the 100,000 hours it would take the LEDs to go out. :/

    Maybe the next model?

  3. I have one of these and it was great for a while, much better than the traditional booklight, LED or not. After a trip to the beach it took on a lot of scratches very quickly when exposed to a bit of sand and the friction of books rubbing together in my bookbag… It’s pretty much useless now :/

    Keep it away from dirt and it’ll probably treat you well for many years!

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