Plyfold Containers: Trans-Meta-Effective

Plyfold ContainersThese folding containers, can be made flat for travel or storage, and then refolded into three-dimensional containers. Made with recycled leather and Climatex® Lifecycle™ Felt, the containers are completely biodegradable.

Plyfold ContainersClimatex® Lifecycle™ Felt is made of discarded scraps from weaving factories. It can be used as upholstery interlining, felt coasters or felt slippers and as mulch in gardening, eliminating the concept of waste. After the garden has been harvested, the remaining mulch can be tilled into the ground as fertilizer.

Climatex is based on the principle of “Waste equals Food” created by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, and presented in their book “Cradle to Cradle“.

See more information about Climatex and Plydesign.


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