Highest Rated Home Espresso Machine Under $500: Rancilio Silvia

ranciliosilvia.jpgThis espresso machine was the top pick on CoffeeGeek, for a home machine under $500. It gets a 9 out 10 rating, based on 118 reader reviews.

According to Consumer Search, the most attractive features of this machine are the three-way solenoid valve, three thermostats, and machine-forged brass boiler, brew head, and filter holder, as well as its ready lights for brewing, steaming, and hot water. The Rancilio home units contain parts from study, commercial Rancilio units, which increases their durability over time.

CoffeeGeek describes Rancilio Silvia like so:

A true benchmark machine, this machine made Rancilio a lot of money in the past four years – it has become the standard against which all other consumer, single boiler machines are measured against.

Available from Amazon for $495.

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