Best Pizza Stones: Soapstone Pans

by Justin Thomas •

244194_4453a.jpg​​​​Soapstone is a stone that retains heat efficiently and evenly. It’s an excellent material for cookware. Soapstone pans and pots are handmade in Brazil and are able to withstand temperatures twice as high as cast iron and other metal cookware. Soapstone develops a natural non-stick surface and lustrous black patina finish after curing. They can be put in the oven or on the stovetop. Greenfeet sells a range of soapstone cookware. The 12″ pizza stone show here sells for $55.

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  1. Soapstone may indeed be the best material for the best pizza stone, but the one pictured isn’t it. A good pizza stone, in my opinion, doesn’t have a lip.

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