Best Manual Juicers

Z-Star Manual by TribestManual juicers are handy to have in the kitchen &#8212 they don’t require electricity and are relatively inexpensive. They can juice a surprisingly large variety of fruits and vegetables. Best of all, they are usually easier to clean than their electric counterparts. Many people use manual juicers to squeeze wheatgrass into a nutritious drink.

Most reviewers seem to recommend Z-Star Manual Juicer by Tribest, as the best juicer for its price. It was chosen by Discount Juicers as their top manual juicer.

Happy Juicer recommends the juicer too. The people at WheatGrassKit.Com like the Z-Star Manual Juicer but prefer the Hurricane Juicer, which cost about $20 more and boasts a stainless steel construction. Apparently there is one small design flaw with the Z-Star, the juice jar that catches the juice a little too big and tends to catch the discarded pulp as well. If this a problem, a different container can be used.

Available from Amazon for $89.

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