A Lightweight Water Bottle that Doesn’t Leach

508058.jpgYes — a water bottle that does not leach plastic or any other compound into the water its holds.

Klean Kanteen is a reusable, lightweight stainless steel container. Plastics containers tend to leach unwelcome compounds such as BPA during regular use, exposure to heat, and especially after cleaning.

Klean Kanteen is made from 304 L.N. Stainless steel which is grade blended specifically for: “food preparation, dairy, brewing, various medical uses, and use where mineral migration is unacceptable.”

The steel is put through a electropolishing process which seals the surface and prevents minerals from migrating into the contents.

It’s available from Amazon

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  1. And this metal water bottle obviously has a plastic cap, what’s the use? Ideally there would be a stainless steel bottle with a non-leaching top as well!

  2. I looked at SIGG bottles but they’re lined with ‘durable’ & ‘flexible’ plastic? What kind of plastic? They don’t tell you.

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