Recycled Newspaper Vases

wishingfish1_1853_3630265.jpgAt first glance the surface of these vases look like wood grain. But they are actually constructed entirely out of recycled newspaper and aluminum. The paper is carefully die cut and bound like a book. They have other unusual shapes too. They are prices from $23 to $32.

Available from Wishing Fish and Gardners Eden

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  2. and your silverfish will LOVE it.

    I’m all for reusing instead of throwing away, but I’m not sure this is really a great idea.
    Especially for one such as myself .. being allergic to dust and all.

  3. Recycled Paper Vase

    I admit that I have always been a sucker for products that incorporate good design without having a negative effect on mother earth. That is what really attracts me to the Recycled Paper Vase. They are made of recycled paper, so each one is unique,…

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