Bamboo Hangers

by Justin Thomas •

We’ve featured quite a bit of optimal and sustainable clothing over the years, but what about those devices you use to hang up your clothing? We mentioned the bioplastic hangers, available from Earthsaver. Now, the Great American Hanger Company has launched a new line of bamboo hangers, and these hangers really show off the beauty of bamboo (see the close-up of one the hangers below). It’s almost a shame to hide these hangers away in your closet.

Bamboo is a renewable resource, and it is certainly an improvement over hardwood sourced from forests that are not sustainably managed. However, to be optimal, we’d like to see bamboo grown polycultures in the U.S., rather than imported from China.

The hardwood hangers that Great American Hanger Company sells are made with wood from tree farms and not from wild forests.

Link: Hangers.Com

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  1. I’m a big fan of bamboo hangers as well. Good for the environment since they grow like grass and not a tree that takes 20 years to grow. I’m a professional organizer and recommend them to my clients all the time. My favorite source is http://www.onlyhangers.com since they offer discounts to organizers and their quality is excellent.

  2. Out of curiosity. Ally, what color did you get your initials printed on the hangers? It seems whatever color you choose it would look weird on top of the bamboo.

  3. I really like these hangers. I’m an interior designer and I recently bought some of those corn hangers for a client because he wanted everything “green”. It didn’t work out. The corn ones had only one style. These bamboo hangers make it easy to style your whole wardrobe, pants, suits, coats … the works. I only wish they had them in the kids size.

  4. These bamboo hangers are absolutely beautiful. The quality and simple elegance they exude give class and style to your closet not to mention your wardrobe display. And it is all natural! What more could you ask for. A great gift idea for family, friends and associates.

  5. I absolutely love these hangers!!! They are beautifully crafted and have a wonderful color, one of my favorites.

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