Vornado Intellitemp Vortex Electric Heater

NOTE: Intellitemp Heaters have been recalled, due to an issue with a faulty “crimp” in the UL certified insulated connector component. Please see more information here.

Notes from Manufacturer:
Vornado’s portable heater generates just the right amount
of heat to meet your particular need. You can set it to keep your feet
warm under your desk or to heat an entire room. No need to fiddle with
a thermostat, because this electronic heater automatically maintains
your desired comfort level with a continuous stream of uniform heat (no
hot or cold blasts). And Vornado’s electronic IntelliTemp™ is so
quiet you’ll hardly know it’s there.

IntelliTemp features variable heat control and fan speed and a lighted
power switch. It has a cool-touch exterior, includes tip-over and over-heat
protection, and is energy efficient.

This compact electronic heating unit measures 11.25"x 9.75" x
11.75". Weighs appx. 5 lbs. Maximum output is 5,122 BTU/hour. Current
draw is 12.5 amps max. 125VAC 60 Hz. Made in USA. 1 year mfg. warranty.

Purchase from: Amazon ($74.99)
or Ebay

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