Comfort Glow Blue Flame Vent-Free

by Justin Thomas •

Notes from Manufacturer:

Comfort Glow Blue Flame Vent-Free Natural Gas heater
with thermostat. Heats an area up to 1000 Sq. Ft. No outside venting
required. Has a built in safety-Oxygen Depletion Sensor.
Push-button piezo ignition for matchless start. Has 2 heat settings
15000 BTU and 30000 BTU.

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  1. I have tried repeatedly to resolve issues with my Comfort Glow heater (Model CBN20T) by emailing and calling Comfort Glow. Now I will attempt to get a response from you.
    The issue: I must hold the knob down while on pilot for a great length of time before it will stay lit. Then when it stays lit and I attempt to turn the main gas valve on , the pilot goes out.
    Kindly let me know what causes this and where I may find the correct parts.

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