ClearDome 2′x8′ Exterior Solar Forced Air Heater

This sturdy 2′ X 8′, 40 pound anodized aluminum solar space
heater will increase 500+ square foot room temps by 12-15 degrees F or
more if room is well insulated. Incoming air temps will increase 40-45
degrees F, no matter what the temperature is inside or outside. Exiting
air flow is fast at 9+ MPH with an included 88 cfm 12 volt fan and plug
in power supply. An interior panel thermostat automatically turns the fan
on and off so cold air is never blown in at night or on stormy days. Use
a digital wall thermostat (available at home supply stores) or plug in
timer for more precise room heat control. These panels can be roof or wall
mounted using a professional solar installer or handyman. We suggest a
south facing wall mouting for better long term weather protection and maximum

Add backup power with our optional 21-watt unbreakable Unisolar electric
(PV) panel. Or use power from a rechargable battery or your car. The highly
efficient 12 volt, .6 amp, fan is used to recirculate and warm room air
and comes with 12 volt, 1 amp power supply. Both vents are 4", and
will attach to standard flexible or hard insulated ducting. Short smooth
duct runs close to the room are suggested. Your heating costs per panel
are less than one cent per day using the 110 volt power supply.

It will consistently produce as much hot forced air on a sunny day as
a 1,000- 1,200 watt electric space heater that costs about $25 per month
to run. And it equals the amount of heat $15,000 worth of installed solar
electric panels will generate. It even generates 10-15 degrees F of hot
air on light overcast or partly cloudy days.

Price: $895.00 plus $195.00 s&h from ClearDomeSolar

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  1. Please remove all the above information about our 2×8′ solar forced air heater ASAP. It is no longer made because it was replaced with a more current solar forced air heater over three years ago. You have permission to add a link for our newest panel, the BISFA heating panel.

    Best regards,

    Deris Jeannette,
    President, ClearDome Solar Thermal, LLC

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