ClearDome 2′x4′ ClearDome Solar Indoor and Outdoor Forced Air

Solar space heating can be used in small rooms, RVs, campers and boats. All
day heating will cost less than one cent, or free if it is plugged into
a solar electric panel or rechargable 12 volt battery.

We call it a "thin film" style solar air heating
panel because the solar heat absorber is made of tough, thin, flexible,
high performance polycarbonate plastic suspended inside a virtually unbreakable
insulated heating frame.

And just like our indoor only panel that model this replaces, they are
UV and heat resistant and durable enough for years of trouble free operation.
This is the first truely portable, lightweight solar heater in the industry.

Active forced air heating is the fastest way to heat a closed space,
compared to passive heating from incoming sun or radiant electric or fireplace
heating. It provides more consistant room heat and fills the room with
warm air faster and eliminates cold spots and "stratified air layers" that
creates cold air at the floor and warm air at the ceiling.

The entire heating panel weighs only 10 pounds and measures about three
inches thick! In fact it’s so lightweight, you can take it room to room
wherever the sun is shining, or take it on the road.

Used indoors it can hang vertically from included suction cup hooks or
sit on the floor behind sunlit windows or glass patio doors that are free
from shadows, untinted and without screens. South or East facing is best.
It should receive at least four hours of constant sun for the best indoor

It will instantly increase incoming cool air by at least 25 to 30 degrees
during sunny midday heating with an air flow in excess of 9 miles per hour
(about 85 CFM). The filtered intake vents are positioned behind the clear,
unbreakable twin-walled polycarbonate front panel, and the heat out vent
is 4", which can be connected to an insulated vent to send inside
your closed room.

This innovative solar space heater takes less than a minute to set up
indoors to recirculate room air, or outdoors for adding warm fresh air
when temperatures are 50 degrees F or higher. It will heat at least 100-150
square foot closed rooms as long as the sun shines directly on the panel.
Slightly larger rooms can also be heated with only a slight drop of room
temps. Use additional panels for larger size rooms or try our super-tough
exterior mounted heat collectors or new radiant solar heating drapes visible
on our homepage.

Best of all is the low purchase price and cost per month to operate this
nearly 2′ X 4′ renewable energy marvel. It’s the same price as the indoor
panel it replaces. The highly efficient 4" attached fan uses less
than 25 cents per month of 110 volt home power, using the 12 volt, 1 amp
power supply running six hours a day .

Price: $239 plus $35 s&h from ClearDomeSolar

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