Kirei Mod Coffee Table

Kirei Mod Coffee Table This coffee table is made out of Kirei board, which is a material made out of the recycled stalks of the Sorghum plant. Usually these stalks are thrown away after the Sorghum cereal is harvested, but in this case, they are reclaimed, and then bonded into a sheet using formaldehyde-free adhesives.

It creates a natural material looks a lot like rows of plant cells.

The table is designed by Iannone : Sanderson, is available from 2Modern for $1100.

Found via productdose.

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  1. I am a current student of Industrial Design at the Universtiy of Louisiana at Lafayette. I have recently began working on my theis project dealing with sustainable furniture. Some materials i’m intrested are kenaf and bamboo i would love to recieve any information about your wonderful desings and how they are manufatured, as well as what other materials you use in your products.I think your furniture is really beautiful. thanks. Rebecca McMillan

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