Intelligent Chopstick Repurposing

Recycled Chopstick LampThe idea is simple: collect post-use, single-use chopsticks from restaurants in China, sanitize them at extremely high temperature and pressure, and use them to make elements of a living space.

This was the original idea of Bryan Parks, an American who lived in China for several years. Bryan made a steady habit of eating with chopsticks while there. Recycled Chopstick CD HolderOne day during lunch, Bryan rather nonchalantly asked his lunch partner how many chopsticks did he imagine were used per year considering China’s population size. Research showed that literally billions of single-use chopsticks were consumed annually.

This question would prove to be the catalyst for Parks to make an innovative coupling of art and repurposing.

The lamp is available from Gaiam and for $36, Vivavi sells the CD/DVD holder for $44.90 and the Floor Lamp for $99.


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  1. :: Chopstik Esthetique ::

    À l’époque où je vivais en Chine, comme des centaines de millions de Chinois, j’utilisais des baguettes en bois pour…

  2. So lamps and shelves aren’t practical? You must live in a very spartan household!

    But indeed, it would be interested to know if bamboo can be reused into some kind of composite material.

  3. i know that these very nice objects are more artistic than utilitarian, but can chopsticks be made into pressed wood, chip board or a plywoody type product and then into something practical? anybody know?

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