Efficient Materials: Tube+9 Lounge Chair


The Tube+9 Lounge chair was designed with the user, environment, and budget in mind while maintaining a modern of the times feel and appearance. This chair achieves this by using materials that are either recycled or recyclable. The frame is constructed from a 3’x4′ sheet of plywood cut into 1/8″ strips, laminated and formed from one single formwork for both the back and legs to minimize material waste.

The lamination process allows the texture of the plywood section to be revealed in addition to creating a laminated appearance from all viewing angles. The seat is made from 9 rigid cardboard tubes found in many packaging and manufacturing plants that use cellophane wrap wrapping. All of the tubes are wraped in a recycled or recyclable fabric for comfortable sitting and capped with aluminum rings to finish the edges.

The breakdown of materials is:
3’x4′ plywood = 100% recyclable = $15
9 cardboard tubes = 100% recyclable = free
18 aluminum rings = 100% recyclable = $30
3yds. fabric = 100% recyclable = $45

100% recyclable/recycled = $90 = a lounge chair that meets the user’s, environment’s and budget’s needs.

Via: Yanko Design

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