Syzmo: The First 100% Organic Energy Drink

by Justin Thomas •

syzmo.jpgSyzmo is the first energy drink to be certified 100% organic. The drink contains no artificial colors and flavors, and contains no preservatives. It is sweetened with organic blue agave nectar. (We’ve featured agave nectar in a previous post.) The nectar is composed of 90% fructose sugars and 10% glucose sugars. Because fructose is 42% sweeter to the human brain than granulated sugar, less is needed to achieve the same level of sweetness. Fructose is also a great deal easier to digest and use by your body than standard refined sucrose.

The energy-enhancing ingredients of the drink include guarana, yerba mate and caffeine (naturally derived from coffee). The Syzmo web site has an interesting comparison between their drink and other leading energy drinks.

Syzmo can found at Wholes Foods, Exxon, and few other stores. It can also be ordered online from Amazon.

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  1. Is SYZMO Really world’s first energy drink to be certified 100% organic? Tried to find more info on their website but it took forever to load and didn’t even have any info up yet…

  2. I’ve been a GURU fan for years now. GURU Energy Drink was launched in 1999 and was the first ever 100% natural energy drink. The GURU Original and Lite are made with organic ingredients, the GURU Energy Hybrids are USDA certified. The drinks are sweetened with organic cane juice. You can order a trial pack on the website, just hit me up!!!

  3. Sea2o is the first organic energy drink. Syzmo says it contains “certified organic caffeine”???? seriously? that’s bs. Sea2o has no caffeine, no carbonation or stimulants. Sea2o uses the agave nectar, it is USDA certified organic, 30% of your daily fiber intake, vitamin C and B6 and seaweed extract which provides you all the antioxidant benefits of seaweed.

  4. Amazon no longer has SYZMO but WellnessGrocer.com does. You may want to update your link as you may upset a few of your readers.

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