Pure Chocolate: Raw Cacao Nibs

by Justin Thomas •

nzcacao.gifYou may have tried a dark chocolate bar with over 70% cacao, but have you tried raw criollo cacao nibs?

Cacao is the bean that is ground up and blended to make chocolate. “Nibs” are raw beans that have been peeled. Raw cacao nibs can be eaten by themselves or sprinkled on top of your favourite dessert.

Criollo is a different variety of cacao, used by top chocolate makers around the world. See our explanation of different chocolate varieties in a previous article.

Cacao contains a wide array of unique properties and minerals, including high levels of sulfur and magnesium. It may increase your focus and alertness and contains nutrients to keep you happy. All this is due to phenylethylamine and anandamide in the cacao. Anandamide is produced in the brain when we are feeling great, cacao makes anandamide stay in the body longer.


Some use a sweetener like raw organic agave nectar when preparing chocolate bean recipes. A great chocolate shake consists of water, cacao, agave nectar, ice and macadamia nuts.

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  1. I have started a business for raw foods and seminars. I am wondering if I can get cacao nibs from you at a wholesale price as well as anything else you might have. Thank you.

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