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Organic VodkaLiquid Ice Vodka is a unique vodka made by distilling five grains — wheat, corn, barley, rye and oats, all of which are certified 100% organic.

The vodka is made with water from the Snake River in Oregon, which runs right under the distillery. It is distilled four times and filtered three times through lava rock.

In 2003 it was given 90-95 points (Top Spirits for 2003) by Wine Enthusiast. They described the bouquet as “intensely grainy, a touch cocoa-like and bittersweet; at midpalate there’s a minerally, smoky sweetness; aftertaste is long, sweet, ashy”.

Other organic vodkas are: UK5, Rain, Georgievskaya and Vincent Vodka Appel (which is made from organic apples).

Rain Vodka: Home Page

Liquid Ice Vodka available from: Internet Wine and Spirits ($40)

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  1. Organic agriculture isn’t just about health, it’s about ethics, responsibility, and good stewardship of the planet’s resources. It’s just as important to keep toxic pesticides and herbicides out of the water table as it is to keep them out of our bodies.

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