Efficient Organic Rum

organic rumThere are three organically produced rums on the market today. Currently, they are only available through dealers in the U.K. However, some specialty retailers in the U.S. are starting to offer these rums too.

Papagayo Organic Rum comes from Paraguay, it has organic ingredients giving the rum flavors of vanilla, ginger and even a hint of chili. The sale of the rum benefits a group of 800 family-based sugar cane farms. It’s available from the U.K. for £11.99. Also from Paraguay is “Utkins Fairtrade White Rum”, available for £11.99.

Matraga White Rum is an organic and fair-trade white rum from Capanema in southern Brazil. Double distilled in the traditional way directly from fermented cane not from sugar industry waste. It is said to be dry, smooth and clean. Available for £13.99 from Vinceremos.

Rivers Royal is Grenada’s organic rum offering. You can read the interesting history behind this rum here. It can be ordered online here.

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