Amaranth: Efficient Native Grain

amaranth grain

Amaranth is an ancient plant whose seeds can be ground or popped — they have a sweet, nutty flavor. The ancient Aztecs considered Amaranth a “super food”. It was an important part of the empire’s crop base, and was fed to runners and warriors because of its reputation for providing large bursts of energy and improving athletic performance.

Amaranth is easy to grow, drought tolerant and native to the Americas. Amaranth would probably enjoy more popularity if it was more widely known. Nu-World sells many types of amaranth products online and has information and recipes too. You also can buy the flour and seeds in many health food stores. Amaranth oil is available here.

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  1. amaranth is good especially if you take it regulary as porrigde, i take it every morning and also steam the leaves and they are yummy just cooking them with tomatoes, salt,onions and garlic without adding any water,just for five minutes.

  2. I like amaranth. It’s comparable to grits, but with more texture and color. If eating it made the regular way for breakfast, it seems better if made savory than sweet (adding salt, garlic, and cheese vs cinnamon and sugar).

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