The Tri-L: A Portable LED Work Light

Altus Lumen Portable LED Work Light

I’ve been testing the battery-powered Tri-L LED work light by Altus Lumen. I have to admit that this light has become one of my favorite gadgets. The design of the Tri-L shows great attention to detail. The metal housing is made out of 85% recycled magnesium which is lighter than aluminum, so the Tri-L feels solid yet light in your hand. When folded up, the light acts as a flashlight, and measures just 110 x 60 x 20mm, so it fits nicely in a pocket. When unfolded, the light becomes its own 360 degree tripod stand, and can be used as a serious work light or booklight.

Portable LED Work Light
Tri-L: A Portable, Battery-Powered LED Work Light

The Tri-L’s hinges are also impressive – they are made with fraction joins instead of screws. The light can be fixed precisely in any orientation you set.

The Tri-L has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using the provided USB charger, or via mini-USB cable attached to a computer. The runtime is around 1.8 hours for the flashlight, and around 8 hours for worklight once the battery is fully charged. The runtime can be extended with an optional extended battery pack.

The LEDs are latest high-intensity models and they are very bright. The worklight lit up my entire garage, and the flashlight is certainly bright enough for my needs.

The Tri-L will also warn you when it’s about to run out of power. It flashes for 30 seconds when its about to¬† shut off — you have 30 seconds before the spotlight turns off, or 10 minutes before the flashlight runs out.

The manufacturer, Altus Lumen, state that 75% of the Tri-L is recyclable, and is built for easy disassembly. It is made with non-toxic components, and is LOHAS compliant. It is packaged in an eco-friendly carboard container.

The Tri-L sells for $99 and is available from Amazon.


  1. Nancy Klein says:

    Hi Justin,

    Researching this product and see that AltusLumen is made in Hong Kong, but has sales office in Tampa Florida? No phone number on their website or anywhere. I emailed the company but no reply yet. Do you possibly have a phone number for them in Tampa? Or, an email address for an engineer with this company? Please contact me if you do. Thanks very much!

  2. cephoe says:


    The worklight has four high-intensity LEDs – the flashlight has conventional LEDs.

    Good question about the battery life — I’m not sure about how many recharges the battery can handle.


  3. Aaron Dalton says:

    Nice product. Little $$$…

    Any idea why the light lasts so much longer in worklight vs flashlight mode?

    Also, did the Tri-L literature say how many times the light can be recharged before it stops holding a charge? Just wondering about expected battery life…


    – Aaron Dalton,

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