Yamaha’s $2000 Electric Bike


This compact electric bike, the EC-02 from Yamaha, costs just under $2000. First introduced in Japan two years ago, the EC-02 is similar to the Enertia motorcycle I wrote about recently in TreeHugger. But this scooter has more modest specs: a top speed of 18 MPH and a range of 40 miles. So it’s more suitable for commuters and scooting around in your neighborhood. There’s also a special iPod edition of the EC-02, that has a built-in iPod dock.


Interestingly, this scooter also glows in the dark Why? Yamaha says: ‘The technology enables the exterior to give a more vividly stereoscopic impression of the three-dimensional shape of any surface treated with the film.’

From what I’ve read, this bike is only currently available in Japan.

Personally, the most impressive electric bike I’ve seen is the Optibike.

Via: AutoblogGreen

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  1. Wow Wow Wow 🙂 what can i say about the king of electrical bikes.
    I can say only wow of course. Yamaha allways makes the best…

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