Sun and Wind Powered Bike Trailer


The Navitas is a bike trailer that generates its own power using the sun and wind. Designed by Paul Smith, a student at University of Derby in England, the trailer has a rear wheel that splits three ways to become a vertical axis turbine. There is also a compact solar panel to help to provide a charge to the onboard 24V battery. The battery provides power through a 12V cigarette lighter socket and a USB hub. I’m not sure how practical a wind turbine the wheel would make, but the idea is interesting nonetheless.


“It’s purely for the cyclist adventurer who likes to pedal around the country but also likes a bit of creature comfort,” says Paul.

You can read more detail about the design on this poster for the trailer.

Via Bicycle Design

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  1. Hey, that’s a cool looking trailer!

    I’ve only had experience with ‘manufactured’ trailers that carry kids. It would be interesting to see some kind of combination carrier/generator. Obvious problem would be size and weight, although it would give your legs a good workout on any inclines!

  2. I could use on of these, have just been looking for one. I am a Busker, hence i dont want to make power whilst traveling, but do on arrival, not sure about setting up a wind turbine in a city centre, i feel more like an eco evangelist than a Muscian …. trailer with a battery maybe run from hub dyno-mo would be good …… any one got one ?

  3. Per mè deve essere migliorato, inoltre lo pneumatico non va affatto bene, per non parlare del braccio che parte dalla bici, per me crea un conflitto di bilanciamento cn la bici che deve essere seriamente fastidioso soprattutto a pieno carico….e poi il progettista secondo mè non ha mia visto una sospensione in vita mia, o è amante sfegatato del bumping e del fine corsa….inoltre a cosa serve una forma ereodinamica ad una cosa che al max si sposta ai 50 km/h…porta via un sacco di spazio, ed è tutta roba che poteva essere integrata sulla bici

  4. Dudee!! what is the point on generating electrical power if you are pedaling??? for your laptop?? i mean if you ride travel usually you want to be light weight, on other hand, would be easier to connect a generator to the wheel so you will recharge the batteries as long as you are riding??

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